Update: Where and when the Sahara dust falls over Germany again

The north is hardly affected by the recent Sahara dust event. "In southern Germany there are up to about 55 events a year up to the low mountain range, north of that more around 35," says qualified meteorologist Andreas Friedrich from the German Weather Service on bild.de. The Sahara dust will also reach northern Germany, but by the time it arrives it will be so weak that it will be noticeable there.

Desert dust has been measured again in Bavarian airspace since Thursday (April 21). According to forecasts, the Sahara dust will not disappear until next Sunday. Between 400 and 1000 milligrams of dust can settle in the atmosphere per square meter. This time a third particle concentration is predicted than at the Saharan dust event around six weeks ago. This means a significantly lower visibility of the desert dust than last time. Back then, desert dust turned the sky rusty red, obscuring the sun and polluting cars as it fell to the ground with the rain.