VLADiK BRUTAL: Half-Life 2 in Russian Sauce

It is sometimes difficult to understand how certain information reaches us, and we then wonder if it would not have been better to remain hidden... This is the question we ask ourselves with VLADiK BRUTALa kind of Half-Life 2 of the poor, who announced himself via a gameplay video a little over a fortnight ago. Developed solo by a Russian, the game seems to be an old-school FPS and in the pure tradition eurojank. A priori, this takes place in Russia, and we will come across a lot of combines soldiers with gas masks as well as disgusting zombie genres. We will also have the possibility of crushing our enemies with a car, whose suspensions seem worse than those of a Deudeuche. The video stings the eyes a little and the music is atrocious, but after all, with a bit of luck, maybe it won't be so lame.


VLADiK BRUTAL does not yet have a release date. On the page Steam of the game, the developer directly announces the color: “ATTENTION: The game is made by one person, bugs and errors are possible! ". It promises beautiful moments of video game!