Watch iPhone 14 Parts on any iPhone

We are days away from Apple 'Away' event on iPhone 14 One of the big changes is the iPhone 2022 lineup that arrives with a new cutout design. If you are curious about what it will look like, check out this fun trick to see iPhone 14 cut-outs on your iPhone now.

After using essentially the same cutout since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple is expected to release the iPhone 14 line with new grains as well as a punch hole. In addition to using software to do so Looks like a big bean shapeApple is also expected to introduce privacy indicators in the new chapter.

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Watch iPhone 14 Parts on any iPhone

  1. We see This image is by Ian Zilbo on your iPhone
  2. Put it in full screen mode and turn iPhone upside down
    • Tip: Wait a few seconds for the home indicator to disappear
  3. You can also take a screenshot of it after going full screen and zoom in a bit so you can quickly rewind the experience later.
  4. Enjoy 😁

What do you think of the new chapter? Do you really like it or do you think it will take some time to get used to it? Share your opinion in the comments! Thank you for reading our guide on how to see iPhone 14 outage on any iPhone!

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