"We never treat our clients as a prototype, we are interested in their well-being"

Achieving a balance between looking good and feeling good is one of the challenges faced by Colombians, at a time when job challenges have multiplied. And there the spas are playing a key role, offering new techniques, products and experiences, such as the use of wine, chocolate, essences and even gold in masks or massages, to provide relaxation to users.

However, just as there are establishments that do their job well, there are others that fail to comply with the protocols, according to Mercy Parra, a partner at Spacio Vivo, a spa that seeks to make a difference in a saturated market.

How does a lawyer end up in this business?
Spacio Vivo I acquired it before the pandemic and I finished fixing and adapting it a few days before the quarantine, which was complex. I am a lawyer and together with a colleague, partner and good friend - both of us have worked in the health sector for most of our working lives - we saw that things were not done well in the sector when we were civil servants. We even sanctioned those who did not do them well... we always said: how cool to be able to have an establishment that complies with all the protocols.

What problems did they see in the sector?
Tragic things, terrible things. For this reason, we were born as a project that has several components in philosophy. First of all, caring for people. We never treat them as a prototype and tell them: don't worry, I'm going to leave you: 90-60-90. Don't worry, I'm going to mark your abdomen... that doesn't happen. What happens with these bad practices is that, in the end, they offer expectations or generate expectations in users that they are not going to obtain, they are going to get sick in the process and put their physical and mental health at risk. They begin to be frustrated by not seeing the results, that is a vital component, that people are satisfied in each process.
We all have a different bone structure, it is impossible for us to obtain the same results, not even through invasive processes such as cosmetic surgery… Many people have surgery and think they will look like a model in a magazine.

What is the second?
We do not want to function as aesthetics. Procedures and even technology are used there when it is not convenient. Our decision was to complement the service as a medical office. So, within the functional structure of the organization we have a doctor who has his medical office authorized, who legally practices his profession and is a doctor specialized in aesthetic procedures. This means that when a person enters Spacio Vivo and is focused on a reduction or molding procedure or permanent hair removal, a doctor sees him, evaluates and inquires about his pre-existing conditions, his pathologies and his general health condition. We respect the skills that professionals have.

Do you have an emotional hotline?
This year, which we resume with more force, I am in negotiations with a line of psychology with a psychiatrist and a psychologist with whom we are going to structure an agreement. That is a priority for us, but we are still in negotiations. You have to know how to handle this and do it well so as not to increase the costs of the procedures, although it is within our plan.

And what is the third point?
We are implementing services aimed at relaxation, but also at relaxing stress and relieving people's health problems due to work issues... What we do during the relaxation session are maneuvers that help alleviate that component. When we discover other problems, what we do immediately is inform the patient so that he assumes medical treatment. If there is something chronic, you should go to a specialist in the field.