What are the latest developments in the death of a detainee accused of belonging to ISIS?

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Our website learned that the government's commissioner to the military court, Judge Fadi Akiki, gave a judicial signal to arrest Officer H. a. And three of his assistants in the open investigation into the case of the death of a Syrian detainee at the State Security Service, accused, along with other individuals, of belonging to and working for the “ISIS” organization.

The State Security Directorate had issued a statement confirming that, as a result of the investigation with the members of the cell, they confessed information that led to the arrest of their partner, the Syrian who is currently investigating the military judiciary into the circumstances of his death.
The statement said that during the interrogation of the Syrian detainee, he confessed that he belonged to the terrorist organization ISIS, and was among its fighters, and owed allegiance to them.
And the directorate rushed, according to the statement, to "put the incident in the hands of the competent judiciary, under whose supervision investigations were being conducted, and it is exclusively up to him to clarify the full circumstances of what happened, and to carry out the legal requirement under his supervision."

The arrest of the officer along with three assistants reflects the directorate’s keenness, according to its circles, to go into the investigation of the incident until the circumstances of the death of the detainee are transparently clarified and the commitment to accountability, while emphasizing that a mistake by some elements should not obscure the directorate’s keenness to abide by the laws and take into account the treaties and agreements that It secures fair and transparent investigations that respect human rights.