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Meta, the company behind the new content of WhatsApp, enables different tools on the beta servers to be tested by a handful of users. After a few weeks, if the reception is positive, the change will eventually hit all servers in the world.

For example, one of the guidelines that the company proposed was that its applications share certain similarities in terms of the service they offer and that they can be connected to each other.

Bearing this in mind, several elements of WhatsApp chats were modified, such as reactions via emojis, an element that has been available in Messenger, the Facebook chat, for many years.

WhatsApp will hide your phone number

One of the most recent changes in WhatsApp Beta is the way in which your phone number is hidden from companies that make sales in this way.

Thanks to this feature, certain businesses will not be able to see your phone number when you contact them through a 'Click to WhatsApp' ad, in some cases. When you chat with a certain business that doesn't know your phone number, there will be a feature that allows you to manually share your phone number with them, if you wish.”, details the WaBetainfo medium.

Before conversing with the person in charge of a company via WhatsApp, a message will appear asking you for permission to share your number. For now, the tool is in the development stage and does not have an official date of arrival on all servers.

WhatsApp will hide your phone number. Photo: WaBetainfo

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