Xiaomi car price exposure! The price ceiling may exceed 300,000 yuan, will you buy it? | Daily Economic News

9moon2Today, it is reported that Xiaomi's first car will be a sedan, and the lidar supplier has been identified as Hesai Technology, and the price limit may exceed30million.last year4moon rice noodlesOpen DayDuring the live broadcast, the founder of Xiaomi, chairman of Xiaomi Group andCEOLei Jun once mentioned the results of a vote on the price of Xiaomi cars that he launched on Weibo:1.7out of 10,000 voters, nearly7Adults hope that Xiaomi's first car does not exceed15million, only nearly1Adults hope to be30more than 10,000 yuan. Now it seems that the higher configuration version of this car has reached the upper limit of consumer expectations. At present, Xiaomi Auto has confirmed that it will adopt the Ningde era Kirin and BYD blade battery solutions. The two companies are currently the top two leading battery suppliers in the country in terms of installed vehicles. According to the plan,Xiaomi's first car will be inDelivery in the first half of 2024.

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