Loan for savings of 50,000 baht. Applying via Line is very easy. Is it true that you have to check?

borrow money 50,000 baht to help those affected by COVID-19 Easy to apply via Line, is it really necessary to check?

According to financial information about the issue of GSB, open for loans up to 50,000 baht for those affected by Covid 19 via Line. The Anti-Fake News Center has conducted a fact check by the Government Savings Bank. Ministry of Finance found that such issues is false information

From the case of telling information that Aomsin is open to borrowing up to 50,000 baht for those affected by Covid 19 via Line via the Aomsin Bank. Ministry of Finance Has reviewed the information and clarified that the bank has no policy to provide loan services through the LINE application. There is no loan service with a maximum limit of 50,000 baht for those affected by COVID-19 via LINE.

However, such actions affect the reputation and good image of the bank. And the bank will continue to take legal action. The bank has nothing to do with the actions of such social media at all.

Therefore, people are asked not to trust such information. and ask for cooperation not to send or share such information on various social media channels. In addition, be careful to consider and check the correct information from the Government Savings Bank before every time from the website or the Facebook page of GSBsociety or call 1115.

The conclusion of this story is : The bank has no policy to provide loans through the LINE application.