Microsoft Game Pass Friends and Family Edition rolls out in Ireland and Colombia - Engadget


Game Pass Friends and Family EditionexposureSoon after, Microsoft came outconfirmthe message. Earlier it announced that this new subscription option has been officially launched in Ireland and Colombia. Taking Ireland as an example, its monthly fee is 22 euros. After subscribing, the main account can share Xbox Game Pass with up to four friends/family Ultimate benefit. For comparison, the monthly fee for a single subscription to Game Pass Ultimate is 13 euros, and if you switch to the new plan, participating members will pay as little as 4.4 euros.

If you're already using an Xbox subscription service but want to switch to the new Friends and Family plan, Microsoft also offers a transition plan for the equivalent conversion of the remaining membership period. 30-day Game Pass Ultimate membership can be converted into 18-day Friends and Family membership, console/PC Game Pass members, Xbox Gold members can use 30-days to 12-days, EA Play subscribers can only use 30-days to 6-days sky. According to Microsoft, the biggest limitation of Game Pass Friends and Family Edition may be that the main account must share membership with people who live in the same country, which is quite cost-effective overall.

"Currently we will try to promote new plans in Ireland and Colombia, and may announce more countries and regions next month." Microsoft wrote in the official FAQ.