3 people died, this is the result of the laboratory for the cause of the Karawang mass poisoning


The results of the Forensic Laboratory Center (Puslabfor) at the National Police Headquarters regarding the cause of the mass poisoning in Karawang which killed three people have been released. As a result, there was salmonella bacteria in the protein-type food eaten by the victim.

“Meanwhile, what we can conclude from the results of expert examinations, from the Forensic Laboratory is that the samples in the patient’s body that we sent, in the form of blood, urine, and vomit, did not contain chemicals. So there is no indication that there was sabotage and so on. there is. However, the cause of their poisoning is strongly suspected to be Salmonella bacteria. The bacteria are usually found in food proteins,” he explained
Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Karawang Police AKP Oliestha Ageng Wicaksana during an interview in his office, Saturday (18/9/2021).

He did not specify what foods contain salmonella bacteria that the victim ate. Because, he said, officers did not find any leftover food at the scene.

“The bottom line is food that contains protein. So we don’t know whether the ingredients are stale or after cooking they are stored less hygienically and so on,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also revealed that he was summoning new witnesses.

“Currently, the number of witnesses continues to grow, the results of the Puslabfor are used as new evidence, and currently the number of witnesses has increased to 16 people,” he said.

He also explained, in the near future will set the suspect. “Now that we have implemented the title of the matter may in the near future will set the suspect,” he said.

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Meanwhile, found in a different place, the Head of the Karawang Health Office (Dinkes) Endang Suryadi confirmed that he had received the results from the Forensic Laboratory.

“From the results of the Laboratory for Research and Development, it was found that Salmonella bacteria were found in the food, and the bacteria actually live and thrive in the intestines of animals and humans, spreading and spreading through contaminated feces, food and drinks,” said Endang when contacted via the WhatsApp application.

As for diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain experienced by the victims of poisoning, similar to the effects of Salmonella bacteria.

“So indeed many victims are dehydrated due to continuous defecation or diarrhea, it is due to Simonella bacteria, then the effects of Salmonella bacteria usually appear between six hours to several days after the first exposure, the same as experienced by people who are poisoned,” he said. .

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