3 zodiac signs that fall in love with a friend this September 19

The Moon Conjunction Jupiter that will occur on Saturday will generate a general love vibe that will make let’s look at the relationships around us completely differently, raising the stakes that the love of our life could be found in our best friend.

In a week that is filled with numerous transits, the Moon will move towards Pisces at the time of this transit, while Jupiter sits in Aquarius finishing the second half of its retrograde phase.

While they are accurate together, another essential element to keep in mind is that the Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn during this time.

Having Saturn, the planet of divine time, and karmic lessons as part of this transit means that the time of falling in love with all the wrong people is over and it’s time for us to learn what healthy reciprocal love is.

The moon represents our emotional self, the part of ourselves that is our true essence and nature, even if the rest of the world does not see it.

The moon feels, changes, goes through phases but always comes back stronger than before, and it is beautiful regardless of whether it is full or not.

In Pisces, this is where we feel a turning point in our emotional body, a moment when we can do nothing but feel, and in this case, it is to feel our deepest truth.

The part of us that doesn’t remember what it’s like to be hurt or let fear dictate our romantic choices, but simply indulge in the depth of emotion within ourselves.

Together with Jupiter, which means that they are separated by a few degrees, we get the lesson of how much the truth of our emotions is tied to a life well lived.

A life that feels fortuitous, abundant, and full of possibilities. Jupiter currently retrograde asks us to review what is keeping us from living the life we ​​desire, the one that resonates as our strongest truth with purpose and conviction.

After having spent a few months in Pisces, Jupiter returned to Aquarius at the end of July, where he will remain until the end of the year.

But this phase of your Aquarius journey is different, this time it is about implementing all the lessons and reflections that we learned during the first part so that we are free to move on to the new phase that will come at the end of the year.

During this conjunction, we will finally be free enough from our past to be able to see what was right in front of us all the time that we weren’t ready to see it until now.

Signs of the zodiac that will fall in love with a friend during the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter from September 18, 2021:

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Love is always on your mind, but during this transit, you will have the unique focus to be able to not only let yourself go romantically, but also feel confident that you are making healthy choices.

For you in particular, the love story that begins around this time is likely one in which someone has been secretly in love with you for some time, only now you are available to watch.

While you love a lot, that also means it hurts a lot after a breakup or a relationship that starts out hot and fades away. This means that you often carry a lot of emotional baggage that ends up affecting the next relationship you enter into.

You seem to gravitate between thinking the worst of someone or wearing pink glasses so thick you can’t see the truth. But all that changes under this transit.

The healing work you have been doing will begin to pay off, as the declaration of love that comes from a close friend or acquaintance does not cause fear but excitement, as you can finally feel that this time it could really be different.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

One of your greatest strengths is that you are so free and independent, but sometimes in relationships, especially before you are aware of it, you can create problems from which there is no turning back.

Part of this is being with someone who understands you, but the other part is making sure you don’t use your gifts as armor to keep yourself safe. In relationships, we can’t let fear keep us safe, but love instead.

This means taking risks and opportunities to invite and receive what you want most instead of blocking it out of fear of ruining it or losing it once you have it. The thing is, those close to you already know.

The offer of love that is presented to you will be from someone who knows all the parts of how you operate and that is why they will not let you escape so easily. As wonderful as the beginning of this romance is, it will not be without its challenges.

But this is good, this is an opportunity for growth. A truly great relationship is not only fun, but it also provides the space to challenge ourselves with our fears and coping mechanisms so that we can grow together and be better. Your chance to do so is just around the corner!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

As a sign known for prioritizing personal growth and exploration, it is often not recognized that you feel most capable of doing that when your roots are strong and stable.

You like to experience life and sometimes that has meant you go through relationships faster than you change your hairstyle, but it’s not a bad thing.

Because of all this, you know what you want and what is good for you and you know what is not.

This is a great asset to you at the time of this transit because it gives you the ability to be sure and confident about the offer of love to come.

As much as outsiders speculate that you have an inability to commit, the truth is, you don’t want anything else, you just want to be able to stay free when you do.

People close to you already know this about you and love you for it.

The point is that if we are afraid of losing our freedom, then we do not always see what could go well.

This love story that will start will likely be with someone who has already been on your romantic radar, you may have even tried things with them once before, but you thought it best to stay in the friend zone.

All that changes under this transit when you finally see what it is that you really need and as you feel more secure within yourself, you have run out of excuses for not risking love. Don’t worry, this time you won’t regret it.


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