343 Industries to Fix Halo Infinite Multiplayer Progress

The exit Halo Infinit multiplayer surprisee, several weeks in advance, proved to be a successful bet for Microsoft, as the game reached over 200,000 concurrent players when the first event launched, Tenrai, which allows players to unlock specific cosmetics for a period of time. limit. That said, the community isn’t happy with the structure of progression since the game’s launch.

Featured Image: Microsoft

Everyone agrees on the exceptional quality of the gameplay in Halo Infinite, but the gaming community is very critical of the progress of the Battle Pass. The problem is that the progression is extremely slow and requires a lot of hours of play, which makes progression difficult for more casual players. With the Tenrai Event, we add insult to injury with challenges to complete in a limited time.

343 Industries is however listening and we promised to address the problems of progression, after the well deserved leave of the team.

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