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GUARD Health during the pandemic is important so that the body’s immunity does not decrease during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to a healthy diet, diligent exercise is good for health, one of which is yoga.

Because the benefits of yoga are not only good for mental health, but also for one’s physical health. Summarizing from the official Instagram page of the Covid-19 Task Force for Behavior Change, @satgaschangebehavior, Thursday (11/25/2021), here are some of the health benefits of yoga. Let’s see!

1. Relieve asthma symptoms

Relapses of asthma can be very annoying and quite excruciating. Doing yoga regularly can be an alternative to overcome it. Yoga related to breathing like Pranamaya can help relieve asthma symptoms.

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2. Good for people with heart disease

Yoga can increase blood flow and relax blood vessels so that it can lighten the workload on the heart. Studies show heart failure patients who practice yoga experience improved heart health and improved quality of life.

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3. Relieve back pain

For those of you who experience back pain, yoga can also be the right exercise choice. Even if you have chronic back pain. This is because the stretching movements of the body in yoga can help to flex the body.

4. Reduce stress


Almost all types of exercise can help a person in dealing with stress, as well as yoga. This is because when doing yoga, the body’s body produces the hormone cortisol when under stress.

5. Improve fitness

Not only can it reduce stress, other benefits of yoga are to make the body fitter, improve posture, and increase body strength, range of motion, and body flexibility. (whole)

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