5 Effective Herbal Medicines to Relieve Gout Symptoms

KOMPAS.com – Uric acid can form crystals and accumulate in the joints, causing inflammation and causing a painful sensation in the joints.

The most effective way to deal with diseases similar to osteoarthritis is not only with drugs, but must be supported by lifestyle changes to become healthier.

People with gout should reduce the consumption of foods that contain purines, such as seafood, green vegetables, and nuts.

In addition, it is also a good idea to regularly take herbal medicines that are proven to be effective in overcoming the symptoms of gout.

Reported from Healthline through KOMPAS.comHere are 5 effective herbal remedies to relieve gout symptoms:

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1. Celery

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Since ancient times, cherries have been known as traditional medicine to treat urinary tract problems.

As is known, excess uric acid content will be excreted by the body through the kidneys. Therefore, healthy kidneys and urinary tract can make the excretion of uric acid in the blood more optimal.

Celery also contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory, so it can relieve inflammation when you have gout.

2. Turmeric and lemon

Regularly drinking turmeric and lemon water twice a day has the potential to reduce uric acid levels in the body.

Both of these ingredients have many benefits, including boosting immunity and a healthy digestive tract.

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3. Magnesium

Eating foods that contain lots of magnesium is also efficacious in reducing and preventing gout symptoms.

Some foods that have magnesium nutrition are spinach, chia seeds, and potatoes.

4. Ginger

Almost everyone knows that ginger is a type of spice that is often used as traditional medicine. This herbal remedy can prevent various diseases, including gout.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve when gout attacks recur.

In addition, ginger can also reduce uric acid levels in the blood. Regular consumption of ginger water is believed to reduce uric acid.

Meanwhile, to relieve gout that is relapse, apply grated ginger to the affected area for 15 to 30 minutes per day.

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5. Ceri

A study conducted in 2012 showed that cherries can prevent gout. This study recommends that people regularly consume three servings of cherries for more than two consecutive days.

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