5 ways to gain 10 years of life expectancy according to a doctor

We may have found the formula that would allow us to earn years oflife expectancy. Ten to be precise. the Dr Michael Mosley, an English doctor and author of numerous books on diet, diet and well-being has just delivered to the English press several keys to extend your life by 10 years. It would simply be a question of being optimistic. Yes, you read that right ! It seems that people with a positive outlook on life will live longer.

“There is indeed good evidence that being positive and optimistic can improve not only our mental health, but also our physical health, ”reveals Dr. Mosley.

The doctor thus suggests five tips for optimistic people to see life in pink and above all, to live 10 more years! Preview in our slideshow.

Optimists promised “exceptional longevity”

Dr Mosley is at the origin of a study on optimism and its effects on life expectancy conducted in Oxford, Ohio, America. In 1975, a scientist based at a local university in that city had already studied the aging of more than 1,000 people over the age of 50.

Based on this research, a team from Yale University found that the most optimistic attendees about the future ended up live about seven and a half years longer (compared to pessimists).

“In most cases, the mind was more important than almost any other factor,” comments Dr Mosley.

A second more recent study from the Boston University School of Medicine has also successfully demonstrated that optimism is conducive to longevity. According to their results, optimistic people are more likely to achieve what is called a “exceptional longevityDr. Mosley talks about living to 85 and beyond. This second study showed that those who were optimistic lived 7 to 10 years older than the pessimists.

Optimists tend to take care of themselves

“Maybe that’s because optimistic people are more resilient, better able to bounce back from stressful events,” says Dr. Mosley. “Or maybe they expect to live longer and therefore have habits. healthier, like staying lean and exercising more – we don’t really know for sure.

Indeed, as Dr Mosley points out, a healthy lifestyle will also be decisive on your life expectancy. We are able to affirm today that a food balanced will be conducive to longevity. It will be about consuming less sugars, saturated fat, salt and calories if you want to live long. Bet on fibers, fruits and vegetables to stay in good health the longest time possible. Regular physical activity and one sleep quality will also help you extend your life expectancy.

The explanation is simple: these good habits help in particular to prevent the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

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