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61 new Area Seventies called, 50 to be released, Latter-day Saint leaders announce

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June 24, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic missionary designation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in areas newly discovered by the LDS Church, including in The Americas. Leaders from The LDS Church and the church’s foundation leaders announced on Tuesday that 61 new Area Seventies have been designated and 50 more are to be released over the next year.

This news coincides with the “Great Israel Summit” which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, over the next few days. The summit is an important event for Latter-day Saint leaders to delegates and talk about various solutions to the many problems facing the church. The media release announcing the 61 new Area Seventies and 50 more releases was released during the “Great Israel Summit.”

The church has been working hard to designate new Area Seventies in each of the five continents. Two-thirds of all Area Seventies have been designated by year end, and the remaining area is being designation as needed. Many of the Area Seventies have been designated response to requests from members. With this list of 61 new Area Seventies, The LDS Church has added a new Areas Seventy in every continent.

This designation of new Area Seventies is an important event for Latter-day Saint leaders to be able to tell people about what is happening in the church and to provide missionaries with the resources they need.


Varna is Bulgaria’s major economic, cultural and university center, situated on the Black Sea coast. Known as the “Sea Capital” of Bulgaria, it has everything to offer, from beaches and nightlife to museums and historical landmarks. With a population of approximately 350,000, Varna is the 8th largest city in the country, attracting a vast number of tourists each year.

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  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin
  • Varna Archaeological Museum
  • Varna Aquarium

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-Latter-day God

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe in the concept of the Latter-day God. This belief revolves around the idea that God, the Father, and Jesus Christ are two distinct beings who are perfect and divine in their nature but also share a truly special and unique relationship, one in which Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

The Latter-day God aligns with the scripture of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, in which God, the Father, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world and through Him offer salvation to all. This concept separates us from other Christian denominations and is at the core of our faith. It teaches us the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and following His example as we strive to become more Christlike each day. The belief in the Latter-day God helps us to find purpose and truth in our lives, giving us a sense of direction and hope for the future.

  • The belief in the Latter-day God: revolves around the idea that God, the Father, and Jesus Christ are two distinct beings who share a unique relationship.
  • The Latter-day God aligns with scripture: in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, teaching us the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and following His example.
  • The belief in the Latter-day God: helps us to find purpose and truth in our lives, giving us a sense of direction and hope for the future.


For many, the church has always been a sanctuary where people go to find solace, connect with others, and worship their God. It’s a place where individuals find peace and understanding; it’s a place where hope thrives, and faith is renewed. Today, the church still plays a vital role in the community, offering spiritual guidance and emotional support to those who seek it. Whatever your faith may be, the church welcomes you with open arms.

The church is a place where individuals come together, not only to find peace but also to strengthen their bond with others in their community. Churches offer numerous opportunities for individuals to connect, from youth groups to Bible studies to community service projects. Whether you’re young or old, there’s always something to participate in, making a church a great place to meet new people and establish lifelong friendships.

  • Community: The church fosters a sense of community where people can come together to support and encourage each other.
  • Worship: Worship services provide a space to reflect on life’s journey and connect with God.
  • Opportunities: Churches offer a variety of opportunities for individuals to get involved, from volunteering to Bible studies.
  • Celebration: Churches provide a space to celebrate life’s milestones, from baptisms to weddings to funerals.


– Congregations

Local congregations are the backbone of the Church as they are a community where people gather to worship God, offer their support, and interact with like-minded individuals. Congregations are fundamental religious units where members can profess their faith, learn from each other, and share their personal experiences. Churches throughout the world are essential since they provide a platform for individuals to worship, undertake community projects, and initiate outreach programs to the less fortunate members of the community.

Congregations entail a variety of activities such as worshipping, singing hymns, offering prayers, and listening to sermons which give people a chance to tune out from everyday life and connect with God. These events also afford individuals the opportunity to interact with a supportive Christian community, and to learn from those who have more experience with the faith. In addition, congregations are instrumental in volunteering and donating resources towards outreach projects in the community, which provide aid and spiritual nourishment. Such outreach programs could include soup kitchens for the homeless, shelter for victims of domestic violence, or schools for underprivileged children. Through engaging in these outreach programs, Christians exhibit their commitment to serving others and making a positive difference in the world whilst spreading God’s love and grace.

  • Key Points:
  • Local congregations are vital for the Church
  • Offers a platform for believers to worship God and support each other
  • Conducts community-based projects to enhance people’s lives
  • Through outreach programs, Christians live out their faith and serve others as an act of love


Quinquan, also known as Five Animals Frolic, is a traditional Chinese exercise routine that involves mimicking the movements of animals. This exercise is based on the ancient Chinese belief that movements of certain animals have therapeutic benefits for the human body. If performed regularly, Quinquan can improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility.

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  • Benefits of Quinquan:
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  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Boosts energy levels and stamina
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels

If you want to try Quinquan, you can start by finding a local class or a qualified instructor. Make sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and avoid eating or drinking right before the class. With consistent practice, you can reap the physical and mental benefits of this fascinating exercise routine.

-Tenth-day Saints

The Tenth-day Saints are a small sect of Latter-day Saints who observe the Sabbath on the tenth day of the month instead of the traditional seventh-day Sabbath. While this practice may seem unusual to outsiders, Tenth-day Saints find solace in the knowledge that this particular day is believed to have significant spiritual significance.

One of the primary differences between Tenth-day Saints and other traditional Latter-day Saints is their approach to worship. Tenth-day Saints believe that strict adherence to their chosen day of worship is essential for maintaining a close relationship with God. They also place significant emphasis on the importance of family and community, with regular gatherings and potluck meals being a common occurrence.

  • Tenth-day Sabbath Observance: Tenth-day Saints observe the Sabbath on the tenth day of each month, which they believe has significant spiritual significance.
  • Community Emphasis: Tenth-day Saints place significant emphasis on the importance of family and community, with regular gatherings and potluck meals being a common occurrence.
  • Importance of Prayer: Tenth-day Saints believe that prayer is critical for deepening one’s relationship with God and offer regular prayer circles and services.

– within the Area Seventies

Being a member of the Area Seventies is a great honor and responsibility alike. Within this group, members are called to serve, lead, and guide the Church in specific geographical regions around the world.

Each member of the Area Seventies is uniquely qualified for their responsibilities and roles. They come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, but together, they unite under the gospel to carry out their calling. Members of Area Seventies are tasked with teaching, administering, and serving their church and community members, setting an example of faithfulness and dedication to all those around them. They support and counsel leaders at the local level, helping them to foster growth, care for the welfare of the members, and encourage unity in their areas. They also help organize and facilitate training conferences, visits from general authorities and apostles, and determine the best way to address specific challenges facing members within their area.

  • • Area Seventies are dedicated individuals who strive to make a positive impact wherever they serve.
  • • They humbly and diligently carry out their tasks with the aim of inspiring and guiding others to their own spiritual growth.
  • • Their roles are vast and complex, ranging from organizational tasks to offering spiritual guidance.
  • • Above all, their primary calling is to strengthen and build faith and uplift the membership of their respective areas.

Ultimately, members of the Area Seventies work to bring people closer to Christ and improve their lives. They seek to help individuals discover and fulfill their potential and Encourage members to find joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through their dedicated service and leadership, the Area Seventies play a vital role in the church and the spiritual lives of its members.

-61 new Area Seventies called, 50 to be released, Latter-day Saint leaders announces

In a recent announcement made by the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it was revealed that 61 new Area Seventies have been called to serve. Of these 61, 50 individuals will be released from their current responsibilities and take on this new calling. The Area Seventies serve as leaders and representatives of the Church in designated geographic areas throughout the world.

The Area Seventies play a significant role in overseeing the administration and growth of the Church in their respective areas. They work closely with local leaders, provide support and guidance, and ensure that all aspects of the Church’s mission are being carried out effectively. The announcement of these new calls comes as the Church continues to expand and thrive, with membership now exceeding 16 million worldwide.

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Writing in a neutral tone can be challenging, as it can be tempting to let your own opinions and emotions influence your writing. However, using a neutral tone can help establish credibility in your writing and lend itself to a more objective perspective. While it might not be the right tone for every post, using a neutral tone can be a helpful approach when discussing controversial topics or trying to appeal to a wide audience.

Latter-day God,church,congregation,quinquan, tenth-day Saints, within the Area Seventies

Latter-day God, Church, Congregation, Quinquan, Tenth-day Saints, within the Area Seventies

Are you looking for a community of like-minded individuals who share your faith and values? Look no further than the Latter-day God Church! Our congregation, known as the Quinquan Tenth-day Saints, is comprised of individuals from all walks of life who are united in their belief in Jesus Christ and a commitment to living according to His teachings.

  • Receive spiritual guidance from Area Seventies, leaders who are appointed to oversee multiple local congregations.
  • Participate in weekly worship services, where you can hear inspiring messages and connect with your fellow believers.
  • Get involved in a variety of service opportunities, including local outreach projects and humanitarian missions around the world.

At the Latter-day God Church, we believe that a strong community is essential to deepening our faith and living according to God’s will. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can feel valued and supported, no matter their background or circumstances. Come join us and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from being a part of a community of faithful believers!

Area Seventy residents in the US, Canada, and Europe were given the opportunity to name their new wards yesterday, as part of a new program by Church leaders. Here are some of the new wards announced:
—Area Seventy wards in the US were named the North, South, East, and West Wards.
—Area Seventy wards in Canada were named the North, West, East, and Central Wards.
—Area Seventy wards in Europe were named the East, West, and North Wards.

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