616 ancient bitcoins have just come back to life … and Satoshi Nakamoto with them?

Sleeping bitcoinsSince the launch of Bitcoin’s blockchain network (BTC) in January 2009, many tokens have remained dormant over the years. The awakening of some of them could want to signify the return of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, and all those old forgotten BTCs are therefore quite closely watched. Those in question today had not moved any more … since 2012.

9 long years of sleep

With every move of BTC dating back to the era when Satoshi Nakamoto was still officially active, the cryptosphere is boiling, wondering if the creator of the ancestor of all cryptos was coming back to business.

As the report in particular Decrypt, a wallet saw 616.2 BTC, deposited on December 10, 2012, be finally moved again this September 19, 2021.

If Bitcoin was then listed at only 13 dollars, it is now worth approximately 43 500 dollars, a little over 8 years and 9 months later.

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A “post-Satoshi” movement

But who may well be at the origin of this movement, worth almost $ 27 million ? Especially after so long without touching it. While it is true that cashing around 335,000% capital gain in dollars can justify, on its own, to recover its precious bitcoins, it will be very difficult to say who is behind this movement and why.

Knowing that Satoshi Nakamoto no longer gave any sign of life after the 26 avril 2011, and that he had also mined astronomical quantities bitcoins at the start of the network (estimated at 1 million BTC), there is little chance that these 616 BTC belong to him.

In addition, the address of the wallet in question still had a few rare anecdotal transactions next to this beautiful sum long neglected.

Even if the present transaction does not give any clue as to the future of the creator of Bitcoin, it shows the incredible power of the increase in value of the first of the cryptocurrencies. Not long ago, a transaction of about 2 billion could be carried out for the equivalent of a few cents, which shows, again, the great change in economic paradigm brought by Bitcoin.

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