A boxer to run for the presidency of the Philippines in 2022

Boxing champion, Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao announced his intention to run for the position of President of the Philippines in the 2022 elections, according to “Russia Today”.

At the People’s Democratic Party-Lapan National Convention on Sunday, Pacquiao accepted the party’s nomination for this position, pledging to serve the Filipino people, who said he was waiting for a change of government.

Pacquiao, 42, said in his speech: “I am a fighter and will always be a fighter in and out of the ring.”

He added: “In the name of our compatriots who have long yearned for a serious change of government, I hope with all my heart and courage and humbly your support.”

Pacquiao is the head of the HDLP faction led by him and Senator Aquilino “Coco Pimentel III”.

Another faction of the party earlier this month nominated incumbent Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as vice president, and Duterte’s former aide, Senator Bong Gu, as the presidential candidate.

Duterte, who is constitutionally barred from running for a second six-year term, agreed, but Bong Gu refused to run for president.

Duterte has led a brutal campaign against drug dealers and users, and last week said he would prefer to “die first” before facing an international trial, the day after the International Criminal Court announced its intention to investigate allegations of crimes against humanity linked to the crackdown on drug users that has left thousands dead.

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