A doctor reveals the date of the start of the “zero” season and the diseases associated with it

Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the emergency department at the Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Makki, revealed the reason for calling the “zero season” with this name, and the diseases associated with it.

season start

The zero season, according to astronomers, is known as the period between autumn and winter, and it usually begins since the entry of the second half of the Suhail star, and through it is known if the winter season is rainy or not, according to the color of the clouds.

reason of calling

The yellow season was called by this name because it colors the sky yellow, as a result of dust suspended in the air, as well as because of the large number of migratory birds in this season, and it is known for the spread of diseases, such as colds and allergies, as a result of weather fluctuations.

The cause of the disease

Makki said during his appearance on the program, MBC Week, that the diseases that appear during the zero season are seasonal diseases as a result of weather fluctuations, which witness a large number of diseases during the transitional phase between summer and winter, and vice versa.

And he continued, during the autumn period, diseases abound, as viruses are active during the period between summer and winter, due to fluctuations in the weather between hot and cold, and people wearing light and heavy clothes, and here viruses play their role.

The head of the emergency department continued, the health system in the Gulf countries is developing, and since the Corona pandemic, the incidence of influenza has decreased, due to the mutations in the emerging virus.

Most diseased

Regarding the group most vulnerable to disease during the “zero season,” Makki said: “Children, the elderly, and those with weak immunity are the most affected by viruses and bacteria, so they must be more careful, during this stage.”

The best kind of food

He continued: “Zinc and vitamin D are among the most important nutrients required during this period, and it is preferable to eat healthy, rich in natural vitamin C, such as oranges and lemons, drinking milk, magnesium-rich materials, and fish.”

Muhammad Makki called for the necessity of turning to food more than pills, especially that the latter are supplements and not only treatment, and drinking fluids should be during the summer and winter, to avoid kidney diseases.

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