A former Microsoft executive shows his “fear” of Xbox Game Pass

The industry does not advance the same for everyone. Not even, even if at some point you have been part of it and have been on the crest of innovation. This happens a lot and the changes end up throwing some people off. Although sometimes having the vision of someone who is already far away can come in handy to review concepts or the plan to draw.

Today we bring the statements of Ed Fries, who was a high command in the Xbox division for several years. On the recent Xbox Expansion Pass podcast (transcribed via PureXbox), Fries has expressed fear of the industry for services like Xbox Game Pass.

So Game Pass makes me nervous. As a customer, I love it. I love Spotify as a client, wow, I have all the songs I ever want, I can play with them, it’s great, as a client. But, it’s not necessarily good for the industry.

Xbox Game Pass could hurt sales

His main fear is based on the fact that the subscription could harm sales, and with it the way we conceive the industry. As an example, he puts Spotify, which although it is a successful model, has had ups and downs and in a certain way has changed the way we consume music.

I know that many will think badly of this man, but to me they seem like honest words, and an understandable fear. I doubt that his intention is to harm what was his company. These types of reactions are positive for Microsoft to take note and improve the product.

Game Pass scares me because there is a somewhat analogous thing called Spotify that was created for the music business. When Spotify took off, it destroyed the music business. He literally cut the music business’s annual revenue in half, and he’s done it so people don’t buy songs anymore.

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