A galaxy of stars on DH Vitkac’s 10th birthday. Courageous Doda tempts with a neckline, Ko¿uchowska with a fancy handbag, but El Dursi wins. Class

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“Because there is sex in me” premiere. Torbicka in a mini dress, Kukulska in leather pants

It has been a long time since so many celebrities appeared at one event. Celebrities love exclusive brands whose products can be purchased at the Vitkac Department Store. That is why they honored the organizers of the birthday party with boutiques in one building with their presence.

On the wall they posed, among others: She will add, Małgorzata Socha, Sandra Kubicka and Alek Baron, Aleksandra Kwaśniewska and Kuba Badach, Sara and Artur Borucowie, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Maja Sablewska, Klaudia El Dursi, Marta Wiśniewska, Karolina Szostak, Monika Richardson with a partner, Angelika Mucha, Karolina Gilon, Lara Gessler and Piotr Szeląg or Gabi Drzewiecka.

Who was the best? The styling was dominated by black, usually broken with a colorful accent. Interestingly, most celebrities put on dark tights, unacceptable on red carpets, although in line with the label, until recently unacceptable on red carpets. This is another fashion breakthrough?

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Sara Boruc in extravagant shoes, Doda in velor, and Aleksandra Kwaśniewska in a yellow spring set. This is how celebrities presented themselves at DH Vitkac’s 10th birthday

Sara and Artur Boruc like to play mod±. The bouncer’s wife is the owner of a clothing brand and every now and then boasts that foreign stars love the clothes of her design. So, as the face of the company, she should present herself impeccably during official events.

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At the birthday of a department store, she appeared in a minimalist style – a short top, flared trousers with a crease and sailors draped over the shoulders. Quite unusual platform shoes with a decorative rose attracted attention. The athlete, on the other hand, posed in front of photojournalists in a loose, white shirt and a black coat of a very unusual cut.

Sara i Artur BorucowieSara i Artur Borucowie KAPiF

There was also a radiant Doda on the wall. The singer tied up a bun to expose the neckline cut at the back of the dress. At first she covered the velvet creation with a black jacket with silver stars, which she took off after a while to present herself in all its glory.

She will addShe will add KAPiF

A strong accent was chosen by Sandra Kubicka, who chose contrasting, black, leather knee-length boots to a delicate, white dress with sleeves falling from the shoulders in a romantic way.

Sandra Kubicka, Alek BaronSandra Kubicka, Alek Baron KAPiF

Klaudia El Dursi stood out from all the stars. The model did not break the classic black with any color addition, but she took care of the originality of the outfit. She put on an elegant, women’s suit with sensual cutouts on the back. So little, yet beautiful, classy and fashionable.

Klaudia El DursiKlaudia El Dursi KAPiF

Klaudia El DursiKlaudia El Dursi KAPiF

On the other hand, Małgorzata Kożuchowska and Gabi Drzewiecka put a colorful accent in the styling. You can find more photos from the event in our gallery.

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