A Man Kicks a Woman in the Chest on a Subway Station Escalator until she falls

NEW YORK CITY, KOMPAS.com – A man has been arrested after he suddenly kicked a woman in the chest on an escalator at a New York subway station, causing her to fall over.

Police arrested Bradley K Hill (32 years) on Friday (17/9/2021) and accused him of being the perpetrator of the attack on the escalator of a New York subway station.

When captured, he looked like a classy man, wearing a dark suit, an open-necked shirt and a Nike mask, as reported by Reuters. Daily Mail on Sunday (19/9/2021).

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Police said Hill kicked a woman to the ground on the escalator of the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center train station in Brooklyn, New York, on the afternoon of September 9.

The incident was caught on the station’s CCTV camera. CCTV footage shows the 32-year-old man suddenly kicking a woman in the chest after walking past her on a station escalator.

The woman immediately tumbled backwards, while Hill casually continued on her way.

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According to reports ABC 7 NewsPolice said the unidentified victim, also 32, reprimanded Hill for saying “excuse me” after he pushed the woman to let her go ahead.

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Police said that at that time Hill replied “I do” and suddenly kicked the woman in the chest.

“He just kicked me,” the woman said of the incident. “And I just fell off the escalator, past everyone, all the way down,” he continued.

The victim suffered cuts and bruises on his back, arms, legs, right knee, right thigh and left ankle, but refused medical treatment, police said.

The victim who was kicked in the chest told ABC 7 News that the incident traumatized him.

He was charged with assault and attempted assault, it is not clear if he is currently being held or released on bail.

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