A million for everyone with beds! Show MasterChef esko 2021 vyhrla odvn Besky

Besky won the trophy for the best amateur chef MasterChef 2021. She named her menu according to the fairy tale and served the jury with shrimp tartare. Odvna dvka, originally from Slovakia, won the hearts of the audience with humility, professionalism, calmness and an experimental approach to cooking.

We do not know what would happen if Veronika Daniov, who became the most sympathetic winner of the MasterChef competition, chose Krska’s fairy tale as darkness and invites Renka. Mon would have hung on her hair.

Besky natst found inspiration in the fairy tale Mal mosk vla. Do svho finnho mosho concept stuck in the pedestal perch with dill and kavir. She became a prisoner of shrimp tartare.

Veronika had the menu washed and behaved all the time. Outside the kitchen, MasterChef works as an account manager and admits that she has always been very proud of herself. She didn’t expect victory, she immediately burst into tears.

My life has changed. It is a great gift, a week, I have a lot to do. I will be able to tell my children that their mother was in MasterChef in the beloved Czech Republic,Besky shrugged.

In addition to the prize in the form of a trophy and the title, Beska gained one million crowns.

Leton ronk MasterChef was dominated by the following women: Besky, Jitka and Petra. Commendations are praised by the girls.

Concept s Malou moscow velvet byl perfect vymylen,wrote one slena on Facebook.

In the comments, there was regret over Peter’s gorge, the food fell from the stress to the ground. Petra was acne, but in the finl, evil was in her finger.It was ruined by stress,pe dal komentujc.

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Leton’s spirit of MasterChef carried in a friendly atmosphere. And on the jury Pemka Forejta, who takes care of his restaurant Entre in Olomouc and still criticized the finalist Petra. According to Pemek, she was stressed and would not be employed in his restaurant.


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