A more traditional coronavirus vaccine will be on the way

More than a year after people began receiving the latest coronavirus vaccine, a new vaccine, based on decades-old classical technology, is set to begin expanding in the United States this summer.

Food and Drug Administration advisers are scheduled to debate Tuesday whether a vaccine developed by biotech company Maryland Novavax, someone with nothing in the vaccine circuit, is safe and effective. If the green light vaccine is given, it will become the fourth coronavirus vaccine in the nation.

For most people, some are already on their third or fourth injection of coronavirus RNA messengers from Modern o Pfizer-BioNTech, looks like a puzzle: a new shot? Why bother? But for a small contingent of holdouts that have closely followed Novavax’s vaccine progress, this is the moment of truth.

“Some people can’t get their mRNA vaccine, and it’s important to have a choice,” he told the newspaper. The Washington Post Victoria Dawson, 74, of New York, is allergic to an ingredient in mRNA injection. He received a shot and a reminder Johnson & Johnson, but he expects his next shot will be from Novavax. “I’m very careful. I live in my apartment complex and I don’t eat in restaurants,” he said. “I wake up in the morning and I get stressed by the time I wake up.”

Although Novavax has lost the race to become the first, company executives argue that its vaccine will help fill the margins of the pandemic vaccination campaign and will play an important role in helping people live with the virus in the future.

They argue that the vaccines, which can remain stable at refrigerated temperatures longer and can be better tolerated than alternatives, will have key advantages once the demands of the pandemic subside.

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