A new cinematic revolution at the San Sebastian Festival

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Posted on: Sunday, September 19, 2021 – 8:27 PM | Last update: Sunday, September 19, 2021 – 8:28 PM

Penelope Cruz wipes the tears of Marion Cotillard on a night honoring the achievement of life
The star list includes Javier Bardem, Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Penelope, Baneras, Depp, Jarrell and Vincent Lyndon.

With 33 new international films resembling a new cinematic revolution, and in the midst of a large audience and artistic presence challenging the atmosphere of Corona, the San Sebastian International Film Festival, “the most important cinematic event in the Spanish-speaking world and a new talent center”, was launched in its 69th session at the ceremony held at the Victoria Theater Eugenia, which will run until September 25, when a large group of stars and directors will participate in their work under the sky, including Javier Bardem, Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Emmanuel DeVos, Dolores Fonzi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Louis Garrel, Vincent Lyndon, Noemi Merlant, Clark Peters, Rextania, Raphael and Simone Valverde’s filmmakers include Sean Becker, Laurent Cantet, Julia Ducornau, Xavier Giannulli, Lucille Hadzihalilovic, Ryosuke Hamaguchi, Radu Goode, Kira Kovalenko, Joachim Lavos, Gaspar Noé, Todd Haynes, Carlos Saura, Celine Seión and Celine Simon, and good.

The festival’s official selection sees six female directors, which represents about 67 percent of the list.
There is the world premiere of the French film “You Just Want Me” by Claire Simon, which revolves in 1982 about the relationship between French writer Marguerite Duras and her last partner, Yann Andrea, who was 38 years her junior. Drama based on the love story that inspired her 1992 book “Yann Andréa Steiner: A Memoir”.
This is the fifth film by Kerr Simon, presented by “Ibn Al-Baqal, Al-Omda, The Village and the World, The First Solitude”.

Also from France is the movie “Under the Cover” or “The Investigation of a State Scandal” directed by Thierry Di Beretti, starring Pio Marmay, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi and Alexis Manenti.
Its events take place in October 2015, when French customs seized seven tons of hashish in the heart of the capital. On the same day, Hubert Antoine, a former drug addict, called Stephane Fellner, a journalist in Liberation, and he claims that he is able to prove the existence of drug smuggling in the state led by Jacques Billard, a high-ranking French police officer, the young journalist finally dives into the investigation and leads the journalist into the darkest corners of the republic.
There is the joint British-French film “Try to Influence Someone” by French director Lucille Hadzihalilovich, the events take place somewhere in Europe, the mid-twentieth century, where Albert works to take care of Mia, a girl in difficult circumstances.

In competition, the Chinese film “One Second,” directed by Zhang Yimou, in the film, a prisoner is sent to a labor camp in northwest China and a movie lover, but he escapes from a remote farm prison during the Cultural Revolution to look at his daughter and establish a relationship with a tramp.

The Spanish film “The Elegy of the Spanish Civil War” directed by Carlos Saura.

In the film, Saura recovered more than thirty drawings and photographs that he printed and modified to reflect the horrors of the global conflict, and bring back memories of the Spanish Civil War.
Also from Spain is the film “Border Laws” directed by Daniel Monzon.

The story begins in the summer of 1978, when Ignacio Canas, a shy seventeen-year-old student living in Girona, gets to know Zarco and Terry, two young men from the city’s red-light district, who lives in an ongoing series of robberies that will last all summer and change his life forever, crossing the line. Between good and evil, between justice and injustice.

The French film “Arthur Rimbaud” directed by Laurent Cantet
It revolves around the new young writer whose pseudonym is Arthur Rimbaud, the author of old hate-filled messages that were once plucked from social media.

And from the United Kingdom, the movie “Doaa” directed by Terence Davis
Siegfried Sassoon was a complex man who survived the horrors of the fighting in World War I and was honored for his bravery but became an outspoken critic of the government’s persistence in the war when he returned from service. His poetry was inspired by his experiences on the Western Front and became one of the leading war poets of the era.

Argentine cinema competed with the movie “Camila Comes Tonight” directed by Ines Barriovo.
Its story is about Camila when her grandmother becomes seriously ill, she has to move to Buenos Aires, leaving her friends and an easy-to-use comprehensive school for a traditional private institution. Camila’s fierce temper will be put to the test.

From Romania, the movie “Cray No / Blue Moon” directed by Alina Gregor.
An expressive portrait of gender-biased, authoritarian, and violent masculinity in the modern age.
The film traces the psychological journey of a young woman to the process of her dehumanization. Struggling to obtain a higher education, escape the violence of her fractured family, Irina experiences a mysterious sexual experience that will spur her resolve to fight the violence in her family.

From Peru, “Returning the Distance/Dream Fever” directed by Claudia Llosa, in which a dying young woman is far from home and a boy sits next to her. She is not his mother, he is not her child. Together, they tell a haunting story of broken souls, an invisible threat, and the strength and desperation of a family. Inspired by the internationally acclaimed synonymous novel by Samantha Schubelin.

The Danish film “As in Heaven” directed by Shay Lindborg is competing.
It takes place one day at the end of the nineteenth century, and the life of 14-year-old Liz has changed forever, the eldest among her siblings, the first in her family to go to school and full of hope and confidence in life.

And the movie “Try to Influence Someone” directed by Lucille Hadzihalilovich, produced by the United Kingdom – France – Belgium, and its events take place somewhere in Europe, the mid-twentieth century, where Albert works to take care of Mia, the girl with icy teeth.

And the Spanish comedy “The Good Style” directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem, who plays the role of the manager of an industrial scale manufacturer who thinks he can get another local award for business excellence, in order to improve productivity within a week and win the Excellence Award, trying to solve any problems from His workers will transcend everything imaginable, unabashedly interfering in the private lives of his employees.

And the movie “The Grandmother” directed by Paco Plaza, produced by Spain – France
Susanna has to leave her life in Paris and work as a model to return to Madrid. Her grandmother Pilar had a stroke. Years ago, when Susanna’s parents passed away, her grandmother raised her as if she were her own daughter. Susanna needs to find someone to take care of Pilar, but what should have been just a few days with her grandmother will end up in a panic.

From China comes the movie “Fire in the Plain” directed by Zhang Jie
In the film we see China, 1997 where a series of murders in the city of Fenton. The crimes stop mysteriously without the authorities being able to find the culprit. Eight years later, a young police officer, close to one of the victims, decided to reopen the investigation.

the Spanish film “Who Stops Us” directed by Jonas Tropa, which is a call to change our view of teenagers and young adults; Our idea of ​​those born in the early twenty-first century who have recently come of age; Those who now seem guilty of everything because they see their hopes dashed. Somewhere between documentaries, fiction and pure testimonies, young teens show themselves the way they really are.

From America, “The Eyes of Tami Fay,” directed by Michael Showalter, starring Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfieldo, is an intimate look at the extraordinary rise, fall, and redemption of television pianist Tami Faye Bakrugim in the 1970s and 1980s.

“La Fortuna,” directed by Alejandro Amenbar, follows Alex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat who becomes the leader of a mission that will test his convictions: to recover the underwater treasure stolen by Frank Wilde, a fortune hunter who travels the world and plunders a common heritage from the deep sea. Along with Lucia, a feisty official, and Jonas Pierce, an illustrious American lawyer, Alex will set out in the…

The Spanish film “The Daughter” directed by Manuel Martin Cuenca is shown out of competition.
About 15-year-old Erin and lives in a center for juvenile delinquents. She has just realized that she is pregnant and is determined to change the course of her life with the help of Javier, one of the center’s teachers.

Despite some opposition to accusing him of insulting his wife, the festival awards Johnny Depp the Donostia Prize for Artistic Achievement, and Marion Cotillard received the same prestigious award.
In honor of her lifetime achievement, the French star was touched when she received the award – “I didn’t expect it at all, I love this woman so much!” she exclaimed.
The award was presented by the star, Penelope Cruz, who hugged Marion and whispered in her ear a congratulation in French, “Mon Amour”, meaning my love.
Humbly, the winner seemed to receive the award and paused to put her hand on her heart before giving a speech in French, her mother tongue.

The Spanish star looked as charming as ever when handing over the award, beaming with her long-deserved friend.
San Sebastian Festival director Jose Luis Ribordino said, “Directors now do not want to produce good quality films, they want to tell stories, and this quality will revolutionize the former art scene in Europe…but there is another revolution in the making.”

In addition, some of the biggest names in contemporary cinema prefer to travel to San Sebastian to present their films, such as Laurent Kanté, Lucille Hadzihalillovich, Claire Simon, Julia Ducornau, Vincent Lyndon, Todd Haynes, Sean Baker, Ryosuke Hamaguchi, and Casper Noe accompanied by Françoise Lebrun and Peter Kerix.

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