A quarrel.. Hama Beka makes hostile statements against Omar Kamal: He gave up on me and refused to stand by me

The popular festivals singer Hamu Beka launched a violent attack on his colleague Omar Kamal, saying that he appreciated and respected him on a personal level, but he took another direction and the enmity that he was hiding appeared in public and he hated him in a crude way, according to Hamo Beka’s statements, and the folk festivals singer confirmed that he could not Cooperate again with him and that he is a counterfeit companion.

In his television statements, Hamo Beka explained, during his dialogue with the media, Amira Badr, on her program “Al-Tabiza”, that he has been subjected to injustice since he entered the field of festival singing, and is now being treated for the diseases that plague him in this field, stressing that he was not born by chance to sing at festivals, but rather He made his way to fatigue and diligence in it since he was 23 years old.

Hama Beca launches a violent attack on Omar Kamal

Hamo Beka pointed out that he entered folk festivals 10 years ago, and it was initially a kind of experiment, but he met with success and acceptance from the public at the beginning of his work in folk festivals, and he joined a team called the adults.

Hamu Beka added that he was initially paid from 200 to 400 pounds per song, and Hamo Beca continued his controversial statements, saying that his colleague Omar Kamal had become arrogant now, and when he learned the public’s opinion of him, he contented himself with saying that we succeeded in the festivals market, sending him a message “who I see that you are all wrong with each other, your life is wrong, your world is all wrong, wrong.

Hama Beca attacks Omar Kamal

Hama Beca challenges Omar Kamal to prove his success

Hama Beca continued his hostile statements towards Omar Kamal and gave him a challenge test, telling him if you want to prove your success, you must perform a song on your own to measure your success in front of the audience:

Hama Beca confirms that Omar Kamal abandoned him in all his crises

The singer of popular festivals, Hamo Beka, pointed out that he supported Omar Kamal, in all his concerts and songs, and when he made contact with him, he found Hamo Beka next to him, sending a message of reproach to him, saying that he abandoned him, especially during the crisis of the musical union, and he always says that Hama Beka cannot sing, He does not find acceptance from the public, which Hama Beca considered a provocation and distortion of his image in front of the audience and fans.

Hamou Beka pointed out that he only wants Omar Kamal to stop making provocative statements towards him and to prevent his image from being distorted in front of the public.

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