A record-breaking rating of 5.0, “The Sea of ​​Stars” is behind the popularity and word-of-mouth pull

A record-breaking rating of 5.0, “The Sea of ​​Stars” is behind the popularity and word-of-mouth pull

2021-11-30 10:49:05Source: Wen Wei Po

▲ “The Sea of ​​Stars” focuses on ratings, but it is difficult to “applaud and be popular”.

Han Siqi

Since the beginning of 2021, the domestic TV drama “Stars and the Sea”, which has a ratings of 1 for the first time, has come to an end. What’s interesting is that this work’s “tear” in ratings and reputation, as well as the pull between high ratings and low ratings, seems to have once again confirmed the “Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou no Jin Dong, and the fourth and fifth lines have no Li Dan” style. The bifurcation of aesthetic taste. Although young netizens hold the power of online scoring, they cannot decide whether to win or lose in the “decisive battle” at the top of the TV set-top box.

“Players” and “watchers” seem to be in two worlds, and they are becoming a phenomenon in the culture of domestic dramas. For example, the “watching spectacle” and controversy of “Mother’s Way”, and the sweet pet drama accused of lacking logic and common sense, and the plot to reduce wisdom, the story selected by the huge but silent “sinking market” has been overweighted by the production companies. , Betting step by step by platforms and TV stations. “The Sea of ​​Stars” is exactly the case, the main focus is on ratings, but it is difficult to achieve “acclaimed and popular”.

What I want to analyze is what “Stars and the Sea” did wrong and what it did right.

Low reputation:

The real plight of women is once again obscured

The dissatisfaction of the crowd who gave a low score to “The Sea of ​​Stars” mainly has the following two points:

The first is the criticism of “Middle-aged Mary Su” and “Thai Shuang Drama Code”-this link of criticism may be traced back to the hit drama “My First Half of Life” in which He Hanzai, who played Jin Dong In the rain, he ran towards Luo Zijun on the street, but the “middle-aged Mary Su” who was criticized since then did not exit, and even became a new traffic code. In the rivalry between Liu Tao and Lin Feng, the audience once again smelled the cliché of his idol drama: Lin Feng’s domineering president held a water pipe to artificially rain, and embraced Liu Tao affectionately from behind. However, neither the status of the off-screen actors nor the plot settings of the characters in the play are convincing. That’s why some audience members disappointed to add comments: “It’s not that you can’t play a 20-year-old at the age of 40, but the two people look at each other and try to perform the spark of heartbeat, revealing only the exhaustion that has gone through the sea.”

The second is the dissatisfaction with Liu Tao’s role in “Strong Woman in Iron Fight + White Lotus Person”. After “Ode to Joy”, in “I Really Love You”, “Growing Up with You” and “We’ll All Be Good”, Liu Tao played Xiao Yan, awakening, and searching in one breath, almost all of them were “the face of the president, “Professional wear, partial bangs”, from the tragic life experience to the completion of the domineering counterattack, the gorgeous turn, both the makeup and hair styles and the personal settings are very homogenous. In other words, Liu Tao was criticized for “playing like Jin Dong in everything” because of the female president’s deduction. When these audiences met Jane Eyre from “The Sea of ​​Stars” and saw the introduction of the story, “Jane Eyre created a national brand and eventually grew into the boss of a multinational group”, they declared that “The Sea of ​​Stars” was just another movie of her. “Lianliankan” female president.

In a nutshell, the voices of criticism all point to “pseudo-women, false inspirational” female theme dramas. The viewers of domestic dramas suffer from this kind of “big heroine” for a long time, “Being vigorous and resolute, work is not close to human relations, and love is rough and uneven. Asking why, it is all to the original family.” It is a pity that in this set of copy-and-paste personal design templates Next, the real dilemma of women was once again covered: because “Mary Su” grafted the solution of the problem to a male protagonist from the sky, and the high-end pseudo-elite frame made the role lose its true confidence.

High ratings:

Segment user emotional resonance through data algorithms

The beginning of the article was discarded, and it became the choice of netizens who commented on “The Sea of ​​Stars”. So, what do the viewers who follow “The Sea of ​​Stars” all the way look at?

Some viewers pointed out that the “top” of the story is that when the expectation of watching is lowered below the basic line, not only will they not feel that the product is wrong after chasing the drama, but there will even be some unexpected surprises.

The surprise is first of all the weaving of the plot and the iteration of the drama. Based on the research and analysis of the TV audience’s preferences, “The Sea of ​​Stars” stitched the dog-blood routines on a story sheet in a fast-paced manner. The tragic murder… the elements that TVB fans talk about. It also includes: the battle of the rich, the complicated favors, the protagonist who hangs up…More than that, it also incorporates the enduring plug-ins of the domestic TV series: vicious relatives, stabbing knives Friends and loyal bamboo horses have even joined the awakened female consciousness and the torrent of changing times in keeping with the times.”

According to the playmaker, in order to adapt to today’s audience with massive content, more choices, and less and less patient patience, the producer requires a plot point every 20 minutes in “The Sea of ​​Stars”, and the plot setting must be intensive. , The plot and the plot should be strongly connected, that is, artificiality is used to replace the natural growth of the story line, and the emotional resonance of the user group is subdivided through data algorithms. Although this is also the object of criticism among the groups that give this show a low score, the control of the plot rhythm and the calculation of the plot points do make the show a rare match with the chaotic narrative and slow-paced domestic dramas. The distance is widened; the wide opening and closing of the story fits the hurricane changes of the times, and it also gives many viewers a sincere sense of substitution. I have to say that this is an effective way to make the story cover more people.

Conservative progress:

Set a distance from episodes that target the same audience

In addition to the methodology of the plot layout, the grounding of “Stars and the Sea” may also be that the role of the ground and the right casting are complementary to each other.

For a period of time, some domestic dramas under the banner of “the rise of women and the power of women” have “rolled” the heroine setting to a new level: at the beginning of the story, they have been successful, rich, and have become industry leaders, whether they are Andy in “Ode to Joy”, Su Mingyu in “It’s All Good”, or Gu Jia in “Thirty Only”, their pain is like a dark cloud depicting Phnom Penh, and their fall is also a soft landing with privileged protection .

But Liu Tao’s role is actually different this time. As her name suggests, this character is inspired by Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”. In essence, “Jane Eyre” is not a book about love. Similarly, “The Sea of ​​Stars” focuses on the transformation and growth of girls, the choices and strengths that should be learned in life. The orphan Jane Eyre started her own multinational group from a small restaurant working girl, a tea girl from a foreign trade company to a merchandiser, and a business manager. Her growth path is clear, and her career line is the main line of the story. For this reason, what Jane Eyre is actually holding is not the Marie Su script, but more like a cool script with inspirational and superimposed elements of “upgrading, fighting off monsters and brushing off”. Jane Eyre is not a perfect victim. In the face of persecution and frame-up, she will fight back and even speculate above the bottom line. Without one-sided emphasis on patience and concession, resignation, sacrifice and dedication, Jane Eyre is different from the previous “pseudo heroine” setting in that she is internally driven and has clear goals, because she has a desire to achieve: making clothes , Doing foreign trade, so no matter the high tide or low point, he can always grit his teeth. The tough quality makes the behavior of this character more believable. In times of crisis, it is not unreasonable that someone is willing to stand up and support her. It is reliable, credible and loyal that make her “open up” all the way, but because of the blessing of the “protagonist halo”, she can go better than in real life. farther.

The actor Liu Tao is a woman who stands on the opposite side of the funeral culture and engraved “go all out” on her forehead. Under the camera, her temperament is not a fragile white flower in a greenhouse. She is struggling, reliable, with a trace of stubbornness and stubbornness, which coincides with Jane Eyre’s tough temperament of being born at the bottom of the house and walking upward. Outside the camera, she stands in the era. Regardless of whether it is acting or getting married, she has also experienced that her life has been shattered and she has to stand up and be pushed forward by fate. She still insists on “taking everything in order, and then going all out.” In other words, Liu Tao doesn’t have a strong sense of elites, which makes her appear strong in the middle when playing Andy, but she has a high degree of adaptation to Jane Eyre.

The pool of film and television works is like a melting pot of social subconsciousness, where people’s survival anxiety and imaginative solutions to problems are invested in proportion. Comparing “The Sea of ​​Stars” with previous episodes aimed at the same audience, you will find that the commissioning of Jane Eyre’s personality no longer emphasizes compromises, or indulges in harming each other between women, but constantly asks her. The audience conveys the importance of women’s independence and self-improvement and career struggle. From this perspective, the so-called “Dog Blood Auntie” imagines women “to the bottom”, and there has been a conceptual advancement. And the significance of this progress is no less than the creation of a pioneering female character. This is because the progress reflected by the most conservative text types is a testament to the progress of society as a whole.

(The author is a doctor of art)


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