A series of reasons why Android phones are slow and how to fix them

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Slow Android smartphones are often experienced by many people. This happens because of the many applications that are installed, thus making the storage space on the phone full.

Many of these applications will overload the CPU and eat up your phone’s RAM, so the performance of Android phones becomes sluggish. This is because more and more applications must be installed. How to fix it with a MicroSD.

In addition, along with the age of the phone, this will also make the performance of Android phones not as fast as before.

Launching ZDNET, there are many applications that can increase the speed of mobile phones. But the best way is to install the CCleaner application.

For that you have to reboot the Android phone first. Android hardware usually responds well to reboots making RAM space a bit relieved.

Then install the CCleaner application, this application will clean the RAM of the Android phone and remove the remnants of detritus.

In addition, other tips that you can do are to make sure the storage space on your phone is not full and often delete cache files. Second, reduce the use of heavy applications such as games. Undoubtedly, your phone is not slow anymore!

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