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You will be through the advertisement of used cars, you are interested in several cars and you begin to examine the parameters. One of the important information is definitely the attack of a used car. The problem with many used cars, however, is that a given attack may not fully correspond to reality. Many cars may have a twisted tachometer, which is a common phenomenon. How to detect attack manipulation?

Look at the pictures

Ideal when trying to detect a twisted tachometer is to look carefully at the pictures in the ad. If there are not enough of them or they are in the wrong resolution, ask the seller for more. If he does not want to send them to you, be careful. There may be a reason for this. If it is sent to you, check the interior condition. Whether it really corresponds to how many tachometers the car shows. When the drive is low and the car is severely damaged, it may indicate mileage handling.

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Start counting

Besides checking the interior according to pictures, it is another reliable method of counting. You only need to know two things. The current condition of the tachometer and also the year of manufacture, ie the age of the car. Then a simple calculation is enough. You can divide the tachometer status by the age of the car in years. And you get the number, the average annual drive of the car. Statistics say that the average annual driving of domestic drivers is 10-15 thousand kilometers per year. If the car has a significantly lower approach, it may be suspicious. Although it happens that some people do not drive much, on the other hand, not using a car can be detrimental.

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The examination will confirm the suspicion

You can also find the status of the tachometer using various methods to verify the car’s history. Although it is not always 100%, it is another piece of the puzzle, which will help determine if the car was accidentally manipulated. There should always be a clear rule – if you’re not sure about the attack and you’re worried, you’re better off not buying a car. It is a better choice than buying a used car with a significantly twisted tachometer. At the moment, you are buying a car that may have a shorter life than you thought.

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