A viral Twitter thread: China Suárez’s incredible look changes depending on the partner she has

After weeks of rumors, China and Rusherking were seen kissing at the Martín Fierro 2022 Awards party. The video published by Jimena Barón in her Instagram stories betrayed the couple while they danced together in full view of everyone.

As a result of the actress’s new romance, a Twitter account collected all the photos of her ex-boyfriends and compared their looks with hers at the time they were together. The surprising thread went viral in a matter of minutes. “I open a thread called ‘the eras of China Suárez’, because every love affair of the country’s queen of hearts was very marked. We don’t know what it is due to, but every time she starts a relationship or is related to someone, her style is blend in with that person,” wrote Leila, the creator.

The evidence goes back to her teenage love with Nicolás “Tacho” Riera. The file photo shows that the lovebirds at that time even had a very similar hair color.

Then came the turn of the producer and grandson of Mirtha Legrand, Nacho Viale. They started dating in 2010 when China was 19 years old. Their relationship lasted two years, but the break was not on good terms. However, during this time, the young actress wore a darker shade of hair and somber clothing.

In 2012, China began its relationship with Nicolás Cabré. Fruit of her love Rufina was born. During the relationship, the artist showed herself with various facets of styles, perhaps looking for ways to feel more comfortable, although at times formality prevailed.

With David Bisbal they met in 2014 when the Spanish singer traveled to Argentina to record a video clip. During the recordings he would have been attracted to China for its beauty, personality and sense of humor. They were together for about a year, enough time to travel, take vacations and accompany him to recitals.

During their courtship, the actress blended in with the musician and they appeared in almost identical looks on the same occasions. It coincided with the European summer fashion where white and prints were used a lot.

In December 2015 and after an infidelity scandal with Pampita, the relationship between China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña became known. With the Chilean actor, she maintained her longest relationship until her separation from him in 2021 and they had two children, Magnolia and Amancio.

In this romance, the actress wore a more classic look, in a romantic style that made her look older in the image. She wore frilly dresses with delicate tulle details to complete a traditional outfit.

During the explosion of the Wangda-Gate and her rapprochement with Mauro Icardi, the media networks reveal that her outfits were very similar to the wave of Wanda Nara. Suits, dress pants and even the same range of colors.

“Now, China was seen with Rusherking and her looks just look more urban.”

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