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A Vox deputy shares a video of a neo-Nazi organization in Poland and the networks explode | Politics

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Some deputies of the PSOE, Ciudadanos and ERC have loaded against the Vox deputy for Almeria Rocío de Meer for applauding and sharing the xenophobic speech of Polish nationalism on social networks. The parliamentarian who has already deleted the publication from Twitter has even said that “emigrating is not the same as invading.”

The Vox deputy shares a video of a neo-Nazi organization in Poland. / String SER (String SER)

Specific, De Meer has shared on his profile a video of the ONR, a neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic organization in Poland and whose roots are integrated in the hatred of immigrants and an ultractolic and ultranationalist sentiment. In the images, translated by the far-right channel and holocaust denier, Amanece Europa, the organization’s spokeswoman apologizes for racism and the most extreme Catholicism, disassociating Europe from any thought other than this.

Polish politics employs phrases like “Here Christ is our King” and continues his speech rejecting immigration quotas from EU policies. “Poland will not accept a single immigrant and will not feed foreigners while our children go hungry “, says the spokeswoman in the video.

“That is Europe true to its roots”

In this sense, The Vox deputy shared the video arguing that for her “that is Europe faithful to its roots and does not kneel before the progressive dictatorship”. Given these words, some PSOE deputies such as José Zaragoza or Sergio Gutiérrez, ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián or Citizens for Málaga MP Guillermo Díaz, have censored the publication.

Gutiérrez wonders in networks “how can you hate so much” and continues to teach Vox a lesson about history. “The Christian Europe they defend is based on the Sermon on the Mount: feed the hungry. Christ did not ask for passports, “replied the socialist to the Vox deputy.

Likewise, Rufián also entered the debate and responded to De Meer with the following comparison: If you speak like a Nazi, applaud a Nazi and spread Nazi propaganda, you are still a Nazi “.

And the deputy of Citizens for his part, has crossed out the comment of Vox, as an aberration. What the video says, where it comes from and the tweet. “The roots of Europe” he says. No idea. But no idea. You have the same intellectual support as Podemos. None. “Diaz published on his Twitter profile.

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