Abu Dhabi stops using the “Corona Electronic Bracelet”

Abu Dhabi – Morocco today

The Emergency and Crisis Management Committee announced in Abu Dhabi On the approval of stopping the use of the electronic bracelet for home quarantine for those coming from travel and in contact with a positive case, starting from September 19, 2021. The use of the electronic bracelet is limited to positive cases.

The decision comes with the strengthening of precautionary measures, and the committee approved continued adherence to the application of home stone And conduct the required examinations in a timely manner, based on self-responsibility.

It also approved the activation of oversight through the health systems to enhance adherence to the approved procedures, and to refer violators to the Attorney General.

The committee urged citizens, residents and visitors to adhere to preventive measures to ensure the protection of the health and safety of community members, preserve the health gains achieved, and promote sustainable recovery in the country.

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