Acne Studios and Artist Angelo Plessas Launch Collaborative Collection

Following the announcement of the iconic Musubi bag in 2022 After returning in the autumn and winter series, Acne Studios Hand in hand with artists Angelo Plessas Create a limited collaboration series, born out of the reissue of “Acne PaperMagazine interviews and artworks about the Angelo Plessas Based on “Intellectual Circle Spirit Cloak” (Noospheric Cape project) project, the embroidery collages created have become an important element of this collaborative series.The overall design features an embroidered patchwork that adorns a range of unisex pieces, including oversized beige and light blueTshirt, an oversized navy hoodie and a burgundy skinny jacket. It is reported that,Acne Studios with the artist Angelo Plessas Collaborative series coming soon Acne Studios Available in stores and on the official website.

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