Actor Jack Wouterse completely upset by new measures: “I can’t do it anymore”

He has been preparing for his new performance for months. Yet now, with the new corona measures, it all seems for nothing. Actor Jack Wouterse is completely gutted. “A punch in my stomach,” he says to media partner Haarlem105.

Wouterse (64) was a guest in the program Haarlem Today. In the beginning he still talks passionately and cheerfully about his new show, which can be seen this weekend in Haarlem. But then suddenly the bad news hits him.

“I’m a little nauseous about it,” he says. “Again made a performance. A beautiful performance. And then you are ready to do it. And then it’s not allowed again. For the third time already. I can’t do it anymore.”


Tomorrow and Saturday Wouterse would perform in Schuur, together with the accordion duo Toeac. “They are monologues, they are pieces of text. It takes so much energy to have to do that. But when you want to, you can’t do it. I really can’t do it anymore. It’s a punch in the stomach.”

Wouterse says that because of the measures it feels ‘as if he is no one anymore’. “Apart from the financial component, because I haven’t been earning anything for a year and a half, but you’re nobody. I’m a storyteller. I finally got to be on stage four times. I love it. And now I can’t again. I can no more, it’s a knockout.”


The actor, who is known from the hit series All Stars, is even considering stopping permanently. “I’m going to play the balls out of my body tomorrow,” he concludes.

The final corona measures will be announced by the cabinet tomorrow evening. Still, most points have been leaked as usual. All non-essential shops, as well as theaters and cinemas, are likely to close at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Listen below to the entire interview with Wouterse from media partner Haarlem105.

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