Advantage disintegrates! The group opened the concerts of Grupo Firme and is part of Music VIP

Grupo Firme recently appeared at El Foro Sol de la Mexico Citythe group completed the five scheduled dates in the place and became the band with the most shows during the same tour with “Enfiestados and dawn”.

To open the events of the interpreters of “The Toxic” and “The panther left” were the young people of The advantagewhich is part of Music VIPcompany of Isael and Evert Gutierrez who are the managers too Firm group.

But, the big surprise was the fans of The advantage When four of the five members announced that they were leaving the group, they all sent a statement and left it on their social networks.

A series of rumors had been unleashed for a long time that they would no longer continue as the same group, but there was nothing confirmed until one by one they published the informative image on their profile. Instagram y Facebook.

“It is up to me to inform you that the employment relationship with the musical group where I worked as a voice and electric bass has ended. I appreciate your unconditional support and soon I will give news about future projects. Without further ado, receive a cordial greeting”, was the notice issued Gilbert Warsimilar to that also Joshua GalavizJoseph Morales and Carlos Garcia They climbed onto their platforms.

The only one who stayed The advantage It was Irvin Sánchezwho so far has not given any statement or explanation for the fans who are still waiting or expecting what will happen to the exponents.

Music Vip

In the program “First hand” of Imagen Tv they announced that possibly Firm Group could fight for his name since Isael and Evert Gutiérrez had appeared in a legal dispute with another person for the brand.

The information was supported by Los Buitres de Culiacán Sinaloa, who in an interview said that they had just won Music VIP to keep the name and continue working on their own, because for some years they decided not to work with businessmen anymore.

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