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Afghan religious scholars criticize girls’ education ban

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In Afghanistan, religious scholars are criticizing the country’s decision to ban girls from being educated. They argue that this decision is bad for the country’s future and will have a negative effect on the country’s female population.

The religious scholars are pointing out that girls need to be raised in a household that values education and traditional values. They also argue that the country’s decision to ban girls from beingeducated will reduce the number of females who can rightfully claim to hold careers in the future.

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Afghan religious scholars criticized girls’ education ban, saying that itmiadves girls a Wat-

Afghan Religious Scholars Criticized Girls’ Education Ban, Saying That It Miadvances Girls a Lot

Recently, the Taliban announced their ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan, which sparked outrage worldwide. The move was labeled as a step backward for the country’s progress and empowerment of women. Religious scholars in Afghanistan have also criticized this decision, stating that it goes against the principles of Islam and that education is a fundamental right of all citizens, regardless of gender.

  • They argue that by denying education to girls, the Taliban is robbing them of the opportunity to learn and progress.
  • It is believed that education not only opens doors to better opportunities but also helps in developing critical thinking skills and making informed decisions.
  • Scholars also point out that denying girls’ education goes against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, who emphasized on acquiring knowledge.

It is essential to note that education is crucial for the betterment of society and that girls’ education plays a crucial role in achieving gender equality. By denying girls’ education, the Taliban is impeding the progress and growth of the country. It is high time for the world to come together to support and protect every child’s right to an education, regardless of their gender or nationality.

  • Education is the key to a brighter future, and denying it to anyone is an injustice that must be stopped.
  • We need to stand up against oppression and advocate for the fundamental rights of all citizens.
  • The Taliban must realize that education is not just a privilege, but a basic human right that must be provided to everyone.

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The scholars also said that girls should practice chanting to help them become successful in life. This is because girls are often expected to fulfill certain roles and responsibilities that can be overwhelming, but with the help of chanting, they can overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Chanting is a simple but powerful tool that can help individuals achieve success in all areas of their lives.

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Discrimination can take many forms, including exclusion, marginalization, prejudice, stereotyping, and stigmatization. It can happen in various settings, such as schools, workplaces, public spaces, and health care facilities. Discrimination can have negative consequences on the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of the affected individuals. To prevent discrimination and ensure that everyone receives the care they need, we must promote awareness, education, and training to eliminate biases and promote equal treatment for all.

  • Supporting people with disabilities: People with disabilities face many challenges, such as accessibility barriers, social isolation, and discrimination in employment and education. To support them, we need to ensure that they have access to appropriate accommodations, services, and resources. This can include assistive devices, accessible buildings and transportation, and inclusive education and employment policies.
  • Caring for the elderly: The elderly are also vulnerable to discrimination and neglect. They may require assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. They may also suffer from age-related health conditions, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, or mobility impairments. To ensure that the elderly receive the care they need, we need to provide support services, such as home care, assisted living, and medical care.
  • Protecting pregnant women and children: Pregnant women and children require special care and protection as they are in vulnerable stages of life. Pregnant women need access to health care, nutrition, and support during and after pregnancy. Children, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, require access to education, health care, and protection from abuse and exploitation.


In recent days, the news of the death of eight Afghan civilians, including six children, in a missile attack has shocked the world. The victims were reportedly killed in a drone strike that was carried out by American forces in Kabul. The incident has been condemned by many human rights organizations and activists who are demanding an immediate investigation into this matter. The Taliban has also expressed outrage and condemned the attack, saying that this is a violation of the peace agreement between them and the US government. The attack comes at a time when the region is already reeling from the effects of the pandemic and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

The use of drones in warfare has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. Proponents of the use of drones argue that they are an effective tool in the fight against terrorism and can be used to minimize civilian casualties. However, critics argue that the use of drones is indiscriminate and can cause significant harm to innocent civilians. Furthermore, the use of drones in a conflict zone where the situation is fluid and constantly changing can increase the risk of errors and mistakes. The incident in Kabul is a grim reminder of the need to revisit the use of drones in modern warfare and to ensure that their use is governed by strict ethical and legal guidelines.

A German television show has administered an education to girls in Afg

German TV program “Karambolage” has taken on the noble task of bringing education to girls in Afghanistan. The show’s team, along with the Afghan organisation Afghan Connection, has offered an alternative to the traditional approach to learning in Afghanistan, which is heavily gender-segregated. Karambolage has focused on providing education to the girls who either drop out of school or never attend in the first place.

  • The girls are taught skills such as tailoring, cooking, and basic literacy.
  • The program also includes courses for mothers, educating them on how to support their daughters’ education.

The initiative has been successful in addressing the challenges faced by girls in accessing education, such as poverty, distance, and cultural barriers. The show’s organizers hope to contribute to broader change in Afghanistan’s education system and ultimately create a more equitable society through education.

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Glacier in the east of the country. The show found that since girls an Fowler

Glacier in the East of the Country:

Glaciers are huge masses of ice that move very slowly. They are formed when the snow that falls over many years does not completely melt away, and instead, it turns into ice. This ice then starts to accumulate over time, forming a massive glacier. One such glacier can be found in the East of the country, nestled deep within the rugged mountains, and is an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

The glacier is a beautiful, yet powerful force of nature. It takes up a vast expanse of land and is constantly moving, grinding, and carving the mountains as it goes. The icy terrain provides a haven for wildlife, with herds of reindeer, mountain goats, and wolves all taking advantage of the natural resources available. The surrounding landscape is spectacular, with snow-capped peaks and pristine lakes that sparkle in the sunlight, making the glacier a must-see destination for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Interesting Facts:

  • The glacier is over 30 miles long and up to 3 miles wide
  • It is the largest glacier in the region
  • The glacier is situated at an altitude of over 6,000 feet above sea level
  • The temperature at the glacier’s surface rarely rises above freezing, making it a challenging environment to explore


The glacier in the East of the country is a striking example of the natural beauty and power that our planet has to offer. Its vast, icy expanse is a testament to the wonders of nature, and it provides a sanctuary for a wide variety of wildlife. Whether you’re an avid adventurer, a nature lover, or simply someone who appreciates the majesty of the natural world, the glacier is an experience that you won’t forget.

s education is being given to girls in this way, they are not getting the education

Is Education Being Denied to Girls?

Education is a fundamental right that every human being should have access to. However, when it comes to girls’ education, the reality in many parts of the world is quite different. Despite efforts to improve girls’ access to education, there are still many barriers that hinder their progress. One of the most significant barriers is the way in which education is being given to girls.

  • Many girls are taught in overcrowded classrooms that are not conducive to learning.
  • They are often given low-quality education with inadequate resources.
  • Teachers are largely untrained, unqualified or disinterested in educating girls.
  • Cultural and societal norms restrict girls’ access to education, perpetuating gender inequality.

This limited education is a disservice to girls and women everywhere. They are not only denied the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, but also their basic rights as human beings. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that girls have access to quality education so that they can reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities and society as a whole.


Recently, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, causing widespread fear and chaos in the region. One particular group that has been affected by this takeover are the Afghan Christians. The Taliban, known for their strict interpretation of Sharia law, consider apostasy, or leaving Islam, a crime punishable by death. Christians in Afghanistan are a minority, and their community is very small. Many have gone into hiding, while others have fled the country seeking asylum elsewhere.

In these difficult times, it is important to take a moment and reflect upon the struggles that the Afghan Christian community is facing. We must keep the Afghans in our thoughts and prayers and support them in whatever ways we can. Here are some ways in which you can help:

  • Donate to Christian organizations that provide relief and support to persecuted Christians in Afghanistan. Some examples of such organizations include Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs.
  • Spread awareness about the situation of Afghan Christians and their needs. Share information on social media and within your own community to raise awareness and support.
  • Pray for the safety and protection of Afghan Christians and for peace in Afghanistan.

Let us not forget the dire situation that the Afghan Christians are facing. Their lives and well-being are at risk, and they need our support more than ever. Let us stand in solidarity with them and work towards a brighter and more peaceful future for all.

There is a lot of criticism of the ban against girls’ education in Afghanistan,

Reasons behind Criticism:

  • Denial of basic rights: The primary reason behind the criticism of the ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan is that it denies girls their basic right to education. Education is not only a fundamental right, but it is also a pathway to a better future. Afghan girls deserve the opportunity to receive an education and pursue their dreams.
  • Limiting opportunities: By banning girls’ education, Afghanistan is limiting their opportunities for personal and professional growth. This ban forces girls to remain uneducated, which ultimately deprives them of a chance to improve their living standards and that of their families.
  • Increased poverty levels: The ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan reinforces poverty levels. Without education, girls will not become qualified for better jobs or higher education, which will ultimately lead to unemployment, limited access to health care, reduced life quality, etc.

Solutions to combat the ban on girls education:

  • Public Awareness: The first step in combatting the ban on girls education is through public awareness. The government, the media, and civil society organizations should work together to create awareness and education about the critical role education plays in a child’s life, irrespective of gender.
  • International pressure: International pressure must be exerted on the Afghan government to lift the ban on girls’ education. International organizations can put up a strong case presenting clear evidence that education improves living standards and growth and that denying girls’ education ultimately harms the country’s future.
  • Community-based programs: Community-based education programs can be introduced to provide girls access to education. These programs will help educate girls within their communities, providing them with a safe and secure environment to learn.

but the religious scholars are still critical of it. Some of them go to the

Despite the widespread acceptance of this new approach, there are still some religious scholars who are critical of it. They argue that the new methods ignore long-standing traditions and rituals that are integral to the practice of their faith. Some of them remain skeptical of the benefits of such a departure.

Others worry that the new approach to worship is leading to secularization and a lack of reverence for tradition. These critics argue that rituals and traditions have been passed down for generations because they are Tried and true methods of connecting with the divine. They fear that abandoning them in favor of more modern and convenient methods could lead to a loss of meaning and purpose.

  • Benefits of the new approach: The ease of access and convenience of technology allows more people to participate in worship services, even if they can’t physically be present.
  • Concerns of the religious scholars: Losing connection with the traditions and spirituality of the faith in favor of modern conveniences.
  • Possible solutions: Finding ways to incorporate technology while still maintaining respect for tradition and the spiritual significance of rituals.

This article brought to you by, a site for girls and young women in need of support and advice.

Afghan religious scholars are criticizing the government’s decision to ban girls from attending educational institutions.

Gender-based discrimination is a problem in Afghanistan, and the government’s decision to ban girls from attending educational institutions is adding to the challenges girls face.

The Religion and Ethics Board, a group of religious scholars in Afghanistan, issued a statement saying that girls “should not be pushed into bad things andrestricted from accessing the benefits of education to which they are entitled.”

The board also urged the government to “address the initialization, early enrollment, and registration of girls in girls’ schools in a way that does not create conflict and difficulties.”

The decision to ban girls from attending educational institutions is a step in the wrong direction. Girls need access to education to grow and develop their abilities, and this decision willdisable them from achieving their full potential.

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