“Ah!” Antonio Inoki “Screaming 19 seconds” echoes “Energetic voice” “Opera singer’s defeat”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Former professional wrestler Antonio Inoki (78) updated the YouTube channel “The Last Fighting Spirit” on September 20, 2021, and Mr. Inoki’s astounding recovery has been echoing.

Inoki was hospitalized for lower back treatment in January this year, during which time he suffered from volvulus and underwent surgery in mid-May. While he was in the hospital, he was reporting on the progress on the same program on the YouTube channel, but fans were worried about his weight loss.

  • Antonio Inoki (photographed in February 2008)

  • Antonio Inoki (photographed in February 2008)

Reported discharge on August 28

On August 28, he reported that he was discharged from the hospital on the same program. “I used to go in and out of the hospital, but I wasn’t discharged from the hospital temporarily, but just watching the situation, so I’m just back home.”

In the video uploaded on September 20, we invited two guests with whom we had a close relationship to talk, and at the beginning, we screamed with a tense voice, “How are you? !!!”, showing a smooth recovery. ..

The video contains a scene in which Mr. Inoki screams for 19 seconds, which was astonished by the fans.

In the exchange of talks, the guest said, “When I often go to the hot springs in Shimoda, I get worried in the car and suddenly make a loud voice. I need to make such a loud voice. Mr. Inoki, who was shaken, said, “It won’t last when it’s a little painful,” but suddenly screamed, “Ah!”, And this continued for 19 seconds.

Fan “Resurrection that I can’t believe I was hospitalized until a while ago”

The two guests unintentionally shouted “Wow” to Mr. Inoki’s screaming. “I just listened to it and I couldn’t hold my breath. I was holding my breath,” said Inoki with a smile, “hahahahaha.”

Inoki also mentioned that he lost a lot of weight while he was in the hospital, and said, “I don’t know if I suddenly lose nearly 10 kilograms (weight), my head and mind are out of balance.”

In the video, he talked about politics and episodes with his master, Rikidozan, and he seemed to be relaxed from beginning to end.

In the comment section of the program, fans who saw Mr. Inoki’s energetic appearance said, “Resurrection that I can not think that I was hospitalized until a while ago” “A great energetic voice. As expected, Mr. Inoki is an immortal fighting spirit.” Surprising voices were raised, and voices such as “I’m not like an opera singer” were raised about the 19-second screaming.


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