Aída Morales did not present a dish of overbelly to the judges

In a dare to take off the black apron in ‘Masterchef‘ only three of the participants managed to climb to the balcony and they were: Carlos Báez, Aída Bosa and ‘Chicho Arias’, who joined the previously saved Manuela González and Isabella Santiago.

Thus, Aída Morales, Ramiro Meneses, ‘Estiwar G’, ‘Corozo’, María Teresa Barreto and ‘Tatán’ Mejía had to face each other in a salvation challenge in which They had to prepare a dish full of creativity and flavor with a protein widely consumed in Colombia. It was about the overweight.

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The celebrities only had 45 minutes to test their knowledge in the preparation of that meat, and although some were comfortable, others had serious problems, like Aída Morales.

Aída Morales did not present a plate in the challenge to save ‘Masterchef’

The actress prepared carimañolas, but at the time of cooking the result was not what she expected. “I didn’t make it. I’m not going to present anything because the result of what I did is not even halfway decent. I have dignity,” he said.

When called by the chefs, she appeared at the lectern crying and without a plate. After apologizing to the judges, she said: “What I had was not worthy, it was full of oil because I made many mistakes, it is disrespectful.”

Given this, Jorge Rausch recommended that she hand him over but she refused. “It’s not disrespectful, you just got the wrong idea you had. Thank goodness it’s not an elimination challenge. Let this help you to reflect and program well what you are going to do when the challenges are black apron”, the chef told him.

Likewise, Christopher Carpentier told him with a laugh: “Don’t worry, Aída, they have already disrespected us by delivering other dishes.”

Finally, In addition to Morales, the other five participants also go to the elimination challenge. According to Carpentier they all did very poorly.

“Of the five dishes that arrived, none is saved. They all go to the elimination challenge because they all had important mistakes. Maybe ‘Tatan’ would have been saved, but he left the stuff at his station,” he noted.

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