Aigle boots relocate part of their production to France

This is good news and it should be more news.

“Taking advantage of a jump in sales during the pandemic and the trend of“ made in France ”, the Aigle boot brand will relocate part of its production to Vienne.

Currently produced in China, part of the production of the Aigle children’s range of boots is expected to return to France. “By 2023, 50% of our models of children’s boots will be produced there,” specifies the leader of the brand, Sandrine Conseiller, to the newspaper Le Monde.

Since the start of the health crisis, sales of rubber boots have increased by nearly 50%, reports the general manager of the Aigle brand in Le Monde. For Sandrine Conseiller, this development is a boon for made in France and the relocation of production.

In January, the brand opted for a new mantra: “allow everyone to live fully experiences without leaving any imprints other than those of their footsteps”. For Sandrine Conseiller in Le Monde, this is a “radical turning point” which “requires courage”.

A factory in Vienne
Despite difficulties in recruiting, the company wants to increase its production at the Ingrandes-sur-Vienne plant.

Aigle must hire 80 people on this site which employs 200. Despite recent layoffs in the region, “it is very difficult to find” candidates, affirmed Sandrine Conseiller daily« .

Aigle sells its expensive products and can therefore afford a relocation.

Delivery times in China are becoming so unpredictable that it becomes difficult to work that way.

The greater the tensions on transport, the more it will be in companies’ interest to deliver local productions in order to respond to their customers with better control.

It would make sense for globalization to finally reverse.

It’s good news. A swallow doesn’t make spring, but for spring to come, you need a first swallow!

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