Alessandro Baricco on social media: “I have leukemia, the transplant in a couple of days”

Alessandro Baricco has chosen social media to announce his illness.
The Italian writer, playwright, screenwriter, television author, music critic, television host and radio host explained in a long post when he was diagnosed with the disease and talked about the operation to which he will have to undergo.

“Um, there is news to give and this time I have to give it myself, personally. It’s not that great, I warn you. What happened is that five months ago I was diagnosed with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. I was upset, but not that bad, come on. When you have such a disease the best thing you can do is have a blood stem cell transplant, which I will do in a couple of days (well, it’s not that simple, we’ve been working on it for months, it’s patience) »wrote Baricco.

«My sister Enrica, a woman who in my eyes was already quite special before this adventure, let alone now, will give me the stem cells. I wouldn’t want to add much more. Perhaps, well, I still want to say that every moment I feel the good fortune of living all this with many true friends around, smart children, an irresistible life partner, and the best Bull since the Scudetto. These are things, the first three, that change your life. The fourth certainly does not spoil you. In short, I see it well. Don’t count on me for a while, but on the other hand, don’t get used to it too much because the doctors who went into it to heal me have every air of being able to do it pretty quickly. Hugs, AB »he concluded.

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