Alexander Chuck Memorial Tab / Day created by Aivars Vilipsōs is unveiled

The opening date of the relief was not chosen by chance – A. Čaks was born on October 27, 1901, but according to the old style – on October 14. The house at 48 Lāčplēša Street is the poet’s last place of residence, where he lived from 1937 to 1950 and where the Alexander Chuck Museum has been operating for more than twenty years.

A. Chuck’s memorial tab, the main motif of which is the poet’s lines from the poem City boy – “I learned from the towers and chimneys / Climb the sky before dying”, has created artist Aivars Vilipsōns. This is not a coincidence either, as the artist Vilipsōna’s cooperation and friendship with the Chuck Museum lasts for almost twenty years. During these years he has had several exhibitions in the museum. As an artist, Vilipsōns has worked on books created by the A. Čaks Museum, as well as published a coloring book for children. Chuck once lived, giving the youngest the opportunity to meet the poet.

The memorial tab was created with the financial support of the Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation. The cycle of A. Čaka’s anniversary events is organized by the Association of Cultural Institutions of Riga Municipality, exhibition hall Riga Art Space in collaboration with Alexander Chuck Museum, Museum Riga Art Nouveau Center and the Alexander Chuck Society. Supported by Riga City Council, Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department.

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