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Original title: All members of the national football team completed the final list of vaccine booster vaccinations or several young players were selected

Starting this week, the national football team, which is training in Shanghai, has entered the stage of technical and tactical training. Except for Guo Tianyu of Shandong Taishan Team who asked for leave due to family matters, all the other 44 non-overseas players came to the team.

On the afternoon of January 20, the team will usher in the second internal competition during this training camp, and the list of 25 players who will go to Japan with the team is expected to be officially released.

This edition is written by our reporter Ding Mengjie

On the afternoon of the 16th, the whole team was divided into two groups: red and white. Under the leadership of assistant coaches Li Jinyu and Chen Yang, they had an internal confrontation. The red team was captained by Wu Xi, and the captain of the white team was Hao Junmin. In the end, Zhu Chenjie of the white team and Wang Ziming of the red team scored a goal each in the first half and the second half, and the two teams drew 1-1. In the 50-minute teaching competition, Zhang Xizhe, Yin Hongbo, Li Ang, who had muscle discomfort, Li Shuai of the Dalian team, Dai Weijun, a Shenzhen team player, and most of the international players who participated in the FA Cup final did not play.

Judging from the current situation, the possibility of several naturalized players flying directly to Japan from Brazil has become increasingly low. If nothing else, among the 25 players of the national football team going to Japan, three places will be reserved for Wu Lei and Li Lei, who are studying abroad, and Jiang Guangtai, who is in Dubai. The other 22 players will be selected from the players participating in this Shanghai training camp .

It is worth noting that Liu Ruofan, who had just helped Chengdu Rongcheng to finish two super battles on January 12, and Li Shenglong, who played in the FA Cup final on January 9, reported late, but both forwards were in the internal competition on the 16th. gained playing time. At this time, the coaching staff gave Liu Ruofan, Li Shenglong and other young players the opportunity to play as much as possible through the competition.This is likely to mean that “new faces” will appear in the Chinese team’s roster for Japan’s expedition this time, and the possibility of many young players being selected cannot be ruled out. Such a decision is not only a plan for the absence of naturalized players, but also a personnel reserve for the replacement of the national football team.

If nothing else, the grouping situation will change in the second internal competition on the afternoon of the 20th. Some players who did not play in the first game may make their debut, and many young players are expected to continue to play for more detailed inspection by the coaching staff. As the most intuitive reflection of the players’ current physical condition, the two internal competitions will become the most important reference for the coaching staff to select players for expedition. The team will set off on the 23rd, and the time is quite urgent. Therefore, after the confrontation on the 20th, head coach Li Xiaopeng and his coaching team will jointly delineate a list of expeditions, which will be fine-tuned according to the actual situation before departure.

Although the expedition list is yet to be determined, all members of the team have completed the vaccination of the new crown vaccine booster in accordance with the requirements of relevant departments for people leaving the country. Affected by the epidemic, the Japanese government has continued to ban all foreigners from entering the country since the end of November last year. However, the relevant Japanese departments have specially approved China and Saudi Arabia to enter the competition on the grounds that the top 12 competitions are of “high public interest”, and the competition will be held in Japan as scheduled. In response to Japan’s epidemic prevention requirements, the number of people entering the National Football Association will be strictly limited to no more than 60 people. It is understood that 51 of them are team personnel, including 25 players, and the other 9 are members of the Football Association’s working group. On this basis, there will be 26 team coaches and logisticians.

According to the plan, the Chinese men’s football team will take a chartered flight from Shanghai to Japan on the afternoon of January 23, and the flight is expected to land in Tokyo that evening. After landing, the national football team will enter a “bubble” closed epidemic prevention mode and undergo nucleic acid testing at a frequency of once a day.Return to Sohu, see more


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