All that remains to be presented after the ‘California Streaming’ event: Rumorsfera

A week of keynote ends, and after all the news presented (which have been more than we expected), it’s time to do a review of the rumors that have remained pending to be fulfilled. One or two more events are in the works before the end of the year, so you can now place your bets on what is going to be presented in them.

Most likely: a dedicated event for Macs and accessory launches ahead

What is most shuffled now is an update of the Mac. It will be a year since the appearance of the first models with Apple Silicon architecture, and it would be time to present more powerful versions or even successors of the M1 chip.

We will probably see a soda from the MacBook Pro sooner rather than later, equipped with an “M1X” chip on 14 and 16-inch models. There is also talk of a completely redesigned Mac mini, and perhaps we will begin to learn more about the larger version of the iMac. It sounds like Apple could dedicate another entire event to presenting new features in its range of computers.

Another device that has been “hung up” are the AirPods 3. According to rumors, its launch is still imminent, but in the absence of other devices with a close launch date we could see them launched with a simple press release and without an event.

Anything else? Well, if we stick to releases before the end of 2021, it doesn’t seem like it. Perhaps (and here I no longer rely on any filtration) we will see something new in terms of the HomePod ecosystem due to that promise that Apple made after ceasing to manufacture the original model. And to put something else on the table, perhaps they could update the iPad Air to adopt the A15 chip and thus continue to justify its price. Without any more changes.

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On dates I dare to base myself on previous years and forecast an event for mid to late October in which we will see the news that we have commented on the Mac. From there the paths are blurred and depend more on the shortage of semiconductors and Apple’s own plans.

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