“Almost perfect dinner” returns to TV3 viewers; in the first week – the famous couple – Show business

The viewers’ favorite culinary show “Almost perfect dinner” will gather popular, bright and unusual personalities this season as well, and will allow you to see how the activities are taking place in celebrity kitchens. There will be a taste of the competition, because the participants will want to prove that their ability to receive guests is the best. This season, viewers are also waiting for several thematic weeks – one of them will be dedicated to the brightest personalities of “Twitter”, while the other will visit the personalities of the show “X Factors”.

Opening the new season of the show, the first guests will be received by lawyer and passionate culinary Agnese Caune and her husband – motorist and improviser Krišjānis Caune. To the surprise of their guests, Agnese and Krišjānis will prepare honey cake, which is so popular at Latvian parties, as one of the three dishes.

On the second evening, we will visit Ilze Veisbārde, a public relations specialist and author of a culinary blog, and Arnis Veisbāržs, her husband, the leader of the group Ducele. Although Weisbārži is a couple with 32 years of experience, the challenge for them will be both shopping together and agreeing on how best to entertain their rather demanding guests.

A real thunderstorm will meet us on the third dinner day, when we will visit Aija Auškāpas, the head of the management of the group “Brainstorm” and a member of the “X Factor” jury, and Dāvis Auškāpa, the owner of the buffet “Dāvja virtuve”. In the Auškāpi family, the main provider and cook is Dāvis, but Aija will make sure that the guests are entertained and in a good mood. But will guests be able to maintain a good mood when the thunderstorm starts?

In turn, we will prepare the closing dinner of this week at the home of coach Ilze Medne and digital media expert and businessman Artūrs Mednis. A pair of capercaillies will show viewers even two of their residences. We can definitely call them the first record holders of this season. You will witness the start of three rounds of dinner shortly before guests arrive.


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