Alzheimer Café Peelland on October 5

On Tuesday 5 October there will be another Alzheimer Café Peelland in the center of De Beiaard in Asten with this time the theme ‘Take care for later while you still can’.

There comes a time when someone with dementia can no longer make decisions for themselves. You can no longer manage your finances. Do your next of kin know what your wishes are with regard to a voluntary or involuntary end of life? For these kinds of questions you have to record all kinds of things in good time. Which matters do you have to record with the notary and when? In short, how do you find your way in the world of rules and laws about these often emotional issues? The moderator will discuss this with two DELA employees, best known for funerals, but also experts in this field.

After a long period without an Alzheimer Café and a few small meetings, a more or less normal ACP was again on September 7th. The entrance and the hall of De Beiaard were decorated as a real Alzheimer Café with banners, folder table, book stand and a cosy, functional, corona-proof set-up. In total, about forty people were present: people with dementia, carers and interested parties, but of course also volunteers (including for coffee and tea) and various professionals. It was an animated meeting, without a theme, but with an explanation of the purpose and method of the Alzheimer Café and with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. This was put to good use and the facilitator was able to involve the professionals in the discussions in a flexible manner.

Song singer Piet Driessen from Deurne provided a suitable, relaxed, musical setting. On this evening it turned out: it is possible again and people dare and want to again.

So on October 5, another meeting with a theme. Many people will be dealing with said problem and they expect that there will be a lot of interest. Corona rules as applied in the country and specifically in De Beiaard are taken into account.

Guests must register in advance.

The next two meetings are on Tuesday 2 November (Experience stories of carers) and Tuesday 7 December (The transition to the nursing home).

The evenings are intended for people from Deurne, Asten and Someren and take place in De Beiaard in Asten, Pastoor de Kleijnhof 21 in Asten from 7.30 pm to 9 pm.

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