Amateur Observer Records Celestial Object Striking Jupiter

On September 13, a celestial body struck Jupiter, emitting light easily observable from Earth. The collision, noticed and recorded by an amateur observer, received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. The European Space Agency made a small statement about the collision on Twitter.

A rather remarkable event was observed in our Solar System last week. An amateur observer had the chance to witness the object crashing into Jupiter, the largest planet in our system. The crash was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube.

The posts shared by Luis Pereira, who observes space as an amateur, were watched by hundreds of thousands of people. The luminescence caused by the object striking Jupiter can be clearly seen in the video. less than 100 per year The Brazilian observer, who caught this event, says he was very lucky.

Crash video shared by Luis:

The number of celestial bodies that strike Jupiter and produce enough light to be seen from Earth is seen 20 to 60 times a year. So it is not impossible for an amateur observer to witness this, but it is difficult. Brazilian amateur observer Luis Pereira, who witnessed the event first-hand, “I’ve wanted to record such an event for years. So when I succeeded, I was very emotional” He shared his happiness with his expressions. The collision that took place on September 13, judging by the scattered light It was either too fast or too big. However, no traces of the object caused by the object were found on the surface of the planet in the Jupiter photographs taken professionally after the event.

Thibaut Humbert, Alexis Desmougin, Didier Walliang and Stéphane Barré of the Société Lorraine d’Astronomie were among those who recorded this collision. European Space AgencyIn his Twitter post after the event, he used the following statements along with the video: “Light on Jupiter! Is there anyone at home? There is not much information about the multiplier yet. But it is likely to be large and/or fast.”

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