“Ambush”… the valor of the armed forces on the big screen

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It is not possible to describe the nature of the feelings that can affect you while watching the scenes of the movie “The Ambush”, which is based on a true story, which tells the truth about the rescue of a group of Emirati soldiers, who were trapped in an ambush in a mountainous valley, under the siege of rebel elements in Yemen. It goes back to 2018, and here it is back in the light again on the big screen, where the film screenings were launched in local cinemas today, to provide the audience with an opportunity to preview part of the sacrifices of the armed forces that made the most precious and precious in defending the homeland.

The film, which bears the fingerprints of the French director Pierre Morel, the owner of the movie “Tekken”, and as soon as he saw the light was able to enter people’s hearts and settle in them, and achieve a high resonance in the corridors of virtual space, to turn in the blink of an eye into a “trend” that occupied the throne in the communication sites. Social, after the audience applauded a lot for the movie stars who were able to embody honestly and professionally the details of the story, which brought tears to the audience and the heroes of the movie inside the halls during its special screening that was held in the Dubai Mall.

In the film, which was produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and AGC International, the artist Mansour Al-Faili played the role of “Colonel Jamal Al-Khatiri”, and he was one of those who took the initiative to participate in the film, as he put it to “Al-Bayan”, where he said: “I have the honor To be part of the film crew, which is considered one of the huge cinematic productions in the Emirates, and it reflects the heroism of our armed forces, and is considered a film that documents an important stage in the history of the country, and what the UAE armed forces have done on the ground,” indicating that he took the initiative to communicate with the organizers of the film. He asked to be a part of it, even if in a passing scene.

He said, “I contacted the film’s organizers and asked to be part of his work team, because the film holds a true story.” He added: “When I started the casting work for the film, I applied, and thank God I was able to pass the test or casting, as the role of Colonel Jamal Al-Khatiri was assigned to me, who was in charge of the team on the ground.” Al-Faili indicated that the film is a qualitative addition to his biography, as A national film that will remain a legacy for future generations.

Al-Faili, who described the film as a mass production, stated that all the actors of the work met with the real characters. He said: “There were meetings between the film’s actors and the real characters who lived the reality, so that each actor listened and got to know the experience of the character he performs, which contributed to raising the level of performance at work. In addition, all the actors entered intensive training courses to ensure their physical fitness. High, commensurate with the nature of their roles in the film,” noting his pride in this film, and he said, “I hope that we have succeeded in expressing the feelings of all the real characters who lived the situation in all its moments and details.”

high value

In the role of paramedic Abdullah Al Balushi, the artist and theater director Hassan Yousef Al Balushi appeared to the audience, describing the work as “rich and of great value, as it sees a real story.” He told Al-Bayan: “In my estimation, everyone in this work was heroes, not just the group that was highlighted, as each of us had his own role and mission that he carried on his shoulders in order to convey the message required from this work, which translates the heroism and sacrifices that It was presented by the men of our armed forces in the field.”

Hassan pointed out that the work carries “great value as it works to highlight the real personalities who lived the experience on the ground, documenting them and what they did, and presenting them in this way. I think it was the least duty we could offer them, their role and sacrifices,” noting at the same time that such These works require the actor to “completely dissolve into the character and live with it in all its details and circumstances, so that he can convey the idea, and translate the real feeling that the character experienced.” He said: “These characters are very close to us, and they are just like us, because they live with us in The same society, and we are linked by blood, brotherhood and kinship as well, and I think that this represented another challenge before us as actors, as it requires us to make all our efforts to embody the characters in their full manifestations on the big screen.” Hassan Youssef noted that the film on the shoulders of an Emirati crew, like a step Signboard.

He said: “In my estimation, one of the reasons for the success of the film is that it was carried on the shoulders of an entire Emirati crew, whose members were able to express the nature of the Emirati character. Therefore, I was not surprised by the reaction of the audience, who loved the work and praised it very much, as he felt that it was very close to their hearts, and the environment that They live in it.” Hassan praised the relationship that the director of the work had woven with the crew members.

He said, “The international French director, Pierre Morel, succeeded in spreading positive energy in our souls, and dealt with us professionally,” stressing that the film represents an Emirati cinematic icon.

young stars

“A state of pride experienced by Emirati director Hani Al-Shaibani during his follow-up to the film, describing that he was able to live through the situation and put the brave soldiers of the armed forces at the front. He told Al-Bayan: “Through the film, I felt that he expressed a situation that we only heard about, and he called us to A close look at it on the big screen, where we got acquainted with the nature of the challenges and difficulties that our armed forces faced in the field, and therefore I can say that the work has impressed us with the sacrifices and heroism made by these men for the sake of the nation’s elevation.

Al Shaibani, in his speech, expressed his happiness at seeing young Emirati stars, who were able to carry work on their shoulders. He said: “As I follow the work, I was overwhelmed with happiness by watching a group of young Emirati stars, who put in a work that expresses and reveals their true and creative abilities, and at the same time sends a message to those in charge of drama and Emirati artwork, that we have star projects that must take their chance through Works that highlight talents and put them at the forefront of the artistic ranks, and give them the opportunity to achieve the stardom they deserve.

He continued, “I think that the film, and the remarkable performance I saw in it, represents a message that emphasizes the capabilities and capabilities of Emirati youth in the artistic field.” He continued, “In my estimation, the selection of a number of Emirati faces to lead this work contributed to raising the credibility of the film, which reflects the heroism presented by the armed forces.” The whole world, and bringing it to the maximum place in the world, and this requires the provision of work that enjoys international specifications capable of presenting the best possible image of professionalism and high professionalism.”

Courage and heroism

The French director, Pierre Morel, confirmed that the movie “Ambush” tells the story of a group of heroic soldiers who wrote the most wonderful stories of courage, heroism and brotherhood in the darkest circumstances. He said, “Before I directed the film, I visited the UAE several times, for short periods, but after the shooting ended, I realized that I had learned a lot about this country, and I was pleased with the warm welcome I received from all the people,” and he continued, “I hope that the ambush will contribute to creating a new language.” To honor these soldiers, and to make the people of the Emirates proud of these heroes who put their lives on the line for the sake of their country and to consolidate its noble values.”

He noted that the story of the “ambush” is related to the UAE and the region. He said: “For my part, I see it as a global story that embodies the most beautiful meanings of brotherhood and sacrifice, and therefore I was very interested in exploring the details and aspects of the story, from the point of view of these heroes who fell into the ambush that was set up for them, and faced a great danger,” and added: “When you simulate a real war story. It is your duty to show respect to those who fought and suffered, and to try to understand all sides of the story to recreate what really happened.”

In the same context, Hana Kazim, director of the local cinema and television department and executive director of the development of the movie “Al-Ambush” at Image Nation, said: “The movie “Al-Ambush” is one of the cinematic productions presented by the Emirates, as it shows the courage and heroism of a group of Emirati soldiers among the most difficult She continued, “We are proud of our production of this inspiring film, which is considered the largest Arabic-language cinematic production in the Gulf region in terms of staff, and reflects the fact that there are local talents that win the approval of the largest international production companies.”

While Ajnas Lahoud, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas and Majid Al Futtaim Leisure and Entertainment, said: “Fox Distribution is dedicated to highlighting local films, and pays more attention to creators and filmmakers in the country. We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Image Nation to showcase this film. on cinema screens, which is the best proof of our commitment to promoting Arabic content and catering to the different tastes of audiences.”

It is noteworthy that the list of the film’s heroes includes the artist Marwan Abdullah Saleh, Khalifa Al-Jassem, Muhammad Ahmed, Abdullah Saeed bin Haider, Saeed Al-Harash, Hassan Youssef Al-Balushi, Khalifa Al-Bahri, Ghanem Nasser, Mansour Al-Faili, Hussein Saeed Salem, Abdullah Al-Rashidi, Talal Al-Balushi, and Omar Bin Haider, Ibrahim Al-Musharkh, Abdullah Al-Muqbali, Salem Al-Tamimi, Muhammad Faisal Mustafa, Maitha Muhammad, Yaqoub Thabet, Salem Mosbeh Khamis Al-Aimi, Saud Al-Kaabi, Muhaira Abdulaziz, and it is directed by French Pierre Morel, in cooperation with producer Derek Dauchi, Jennifer Roth, and written by Brandon Bertil and Curtis Bertil.


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