AMD is ready to produce ARM-based chips

After more than twenty years of experience designing and building x86-based processors, AMD is now ready to produce ARM chips when customers request it.

As reported in a report from Tom’s Hardware, AMD’s CFO Devinder Kumar recently reported at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference that the company is ready to make ARM-based chips. Kumar’s comments built on previous comments from AMD chief Lisa Su. She then cited the company’s willingness to make custom silicon products for its customers.

After asking around how AMD looks at ARM chips, Kumar went a little further during the conference on its current relationship with ARM:

“We know computers and processors very well. Even ARM, as you mentioned. We have a very good relationship with ARM. And we understand that our customers want to work with us with that particular product to provide the solutions. We are ready to move forward.” even though it’s not x86, we still believe that x86 remains the dominant force in that area.”

Producing ARM-based chips

While Kumar’s recent comments gave no indication that AMD is currently producing ARM chips, they did reveal that customers would be interested in purchasing ARM-based chips from AMD.

The company could make ARM-based chips for data centers, just like AWS did with the Graviton chips. However, it looks more like it would produce custom ARM chips for certain customers. Lisa Su hinted at this idea earlier at a JPMorgan Global Technology event:

“I think AMD has a lot of experience with the ARM architecture. We’ve designed some in our history with ARM. We view ARM as a partner in many areas. From AMD’s standpoint, we see ourselves as the high-end performing computing solution that works with its customers, and that’s certainly how we look at it. And if this means ARM for some customers, then we definitely want to consider it.”

Even though AMD has a license from ARM and experience with the ARM architecture, the production of ARM-based chips will depend a lot on the possible acquisition of ARM HQ by Nvidia.

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