An accident in Opatów. 18-year-old Patryk died

Patryk († 18) with his peer and three years younger friend went to school in Opatów. It was a Friday morning, September 17, around 7 am. Less than 4 kilometers in front of the facility, on Świętokrzyska Street, there was a tragedy.

The passenger Audi, which the students were driving, fell out of the road on a bend and hit a tree. The passenger car driver died on the spot. Its passengers, seriously injured, were taken to hospital.

The police in Opatów dealt with the explanation of the causes and circumstances of the tragic accident under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office. It is possible that the terrible road conditions contributed to the dramatic event. The road surface was wet after an overnight rain, and there were wet leaves on the road.

An accident in Opatów. “Goodbye, sonny”

There are candles and flowers under the tree where the Audi crashed. Someone has attached a sign with the dates on which Patrick’s life ends. There is his name and surname as well as information that he died tragically. These dry facts hurt more than anything else. They hurt because they happened.

“Farewell, my son. Patryk, you will always be in my heart” – his 18-year-old aunt says goodbye. “My dear nephew, he had a heart for people and animals, he always gave a smile and a good word. I love you and I will never forget you” – he adds sadly.

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Patryk’s sad farewell

“Forever in our memory …” – recalls the school in Opatów, which the boy attended. “Patryk left us, but he will always remain in our memory as an obliging, diligent student, good friend and friend. The memory of him will live forever in our hearts” – we read in a moving entry.

“Great, kind, always warm and smiling”, “Cordial, obliging”, “An obliging and modest child, I will remember him like that” – write the teachers and colleagues of Patryk, moved by the tragedy.

“It’s a pity for the boy, he was just entering his adult life, he went to school and never came back. Pain and despair”, “Such a young boy and God took him to his kingdom”, “No words, your heart breaks. Eternal rest in this heavenly land “,” The heart is bursting with despair “,” It is impossible and incomprehensible “- add the inhabitants of Opatów and the surrounding towns.

Patrick was the only child. The boy’s parents are plunged into despair and unimaginable pain after losing their only child.

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