an astronomy enthusiast observes an unidentified object

Posted the 09/17/2021 11:05 PM

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France 3

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Jean-Paul Arnould made an incredible discovery on the night of Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th September. While observing Jupiter from his personal telescope, this astronomy enthusiast saw a strange flash of light.

In Villey-le-Sec (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Jean-Paul Arnould, an astronomy enthusiast, built his personal observatory in the hut at the bottom of his garden. Monday, September 13, like every evening, the enthusiast observes the planets in his telescope, inside this shed with the opening roof. “We had a great sky, with extremely bright Jupiter, I said to myself that I could take some pictures”, he says.

After midnight, all of a sudden, he sees a bright spot. He ignores what this 2.7-second flash might be, which corresponds to an unidentified object measuring a hundred meters in diameter. The phenomenon has been observed by a dozen astronomers, all over the world, and confirmed by the Lorraine astronomical society, to which the amateur belongs. If he had crashed on Earth, “I think we would have had a good half of France destroyed”, Jean-Paul Arnould analysis. Their images were taken over by NASA, a source of pride.

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